Lexie's Twin

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A friend of mine at work, Andrew (Dad to Hannah and soon-to-be baby #2) volunteered to watch Lexie for about an hour at our office while I had her first teacher conference. Upon my return I was greeted by Lexie and her twin!!

I had no idea Drew was so creative. I told him he should open up a Daddy Daycare. He took a pictures of her, printed it up life size, attached it to a ruler and ta-da, Lexie's Twin!!
We've been playing with it ever since.
Silly Lexie girl and her sweet Lexie twin.

I haven't managed to get that same look from her yet but it's kept us entertain for a couple of days now.

Anyway, clearly Lexie was well cared for while I went to talk to her teacher about her "progress." Don't get me started on how silly I think it is to have teacher conferences for a 3 1/2 year old. I would much rather have had her in Pre-school for those two days (yes it took two full days for three teachers to talk to the parents of their 32 students for 20 minutes each) then I would have had daycare. They could have simply sent home the report that says Lexie is brilliant, sweet, plays well with others, likes to make everyone around her happy and is advanced for her age. I already knew that -haha! Okay, I did actually like hearing it in person but still. It made for a couple of interesting work days. And now I have Lexie's twin....maybe I'll need a teacher conference for her too?!!?

Dressing Princess Jakie

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Saturday morning I let Lexie open one of her last presents from Christmas because yes clearly the child needs more toys. But her Aunt Yo-Yo and Uncle Todd gave all the nieces and nephews Zhu-Zhu pets for Christmas but forgot them in their mad rush to get to Colorado. So her's came in the mail shortly after our return but I waited until this weekend. Needless to say she loves it. Thanks guys!!
 She promptly named her Amber - don't ask me why?! Lexie chased her around the room while I put together her tunnels and wheel. I have to say whoever invented these really did a nice job. They are fun and smart too. Anyway, Lexie realized that Amber needed a nap and Princess Jakie needed dressing up.
First it was just the crown and "cape" (and it must be love since that's Lexie' blankie.) Then she had to feed her. There was no apples near by but I was told that horses like tomatoes too.
Of course she had to show Princess Jakie her new look and get her approval.
Then she remembered that Amber hadn't met Princess Jakie yet so she woke her up for their first meeting. But I guess Amber mentioned that Princess Jakie didn't have a scarf, so...
naturally Lexie had to add one before having Zebra joined in the fun.
Then of course Princess Lexie needed a crown and gave Jakie a new crown as well.
And Zebra had to have one too. So finally all the princesses were crowned.
Next Lexie decide she needed to be a ballerina princess and added this. Ta daaaa!
Finally Lexie took over the scarf and good crown leaving Jakie as just a horse and Amber took the rest of her nap. You've gotta love a girl that knows how to dress. All within less than 30 minutes while Lexie kept up a steady stream of dialogue. It's so much fun to hear what's going on in her head. The imagination of this child amazes me!
BTW I got these PJs at Costco but I think the designer actually thought of them as a dress up outfit for a 3 year old toddler. I just couldn't see when Lexie would ever wear lounge pajamas but for $4, well I just couldn't pass them up.

A Little Ray of Sunshine

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Talk about make a parents day. Wednesday is Lexie's morning dance class so I drop her off at her Montessori pre-school around 11:00am. We try to slip in quietly as all the kids are diligently working at their different projects and all three teachers will be working with different kids. Either Lexie or I will say "shhhhh" just before we open then door and then giggle. So today as we were quietly making our way to the coat rack and Lexie walks by one of the teachers sitting in a child size chair when the teacher says "Good morning Lexie." Lexie couldn't resist and gives her a big hug. She says "oh thank you Lexie I needed that." Then other teacher sitting on the floor near by looks up and says "Our little ray of sunshine is here." That just melted my heart.

Here's my Little Miss Sunshine!
Mommy sure loves you Baby Girl!!

The Show & My 3 Dogs

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Recently Lexie has decided that she is an entertainer. Often I'll be doing something around the house or working on the computer and she'll come lead me off for a "show." She will have set up a chair for herself and one for her audience (you have to love a toddler chair!) Here's what I was treated to tonight:

A few minutes after that lovely song (and yes we'll have to work a little harder on the words but her foot tapping and chair "dancing" are too cute) she decided that she was a dog.

So now it looks like I have three unruly dogs. I'm not sure who is hairier - Kaboodle or Lexie?

Mommy & Me Christmas

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After returning home from Colorado Lexie & I just had to have another Christmas at home. I couldn't bring all her gifts on the plane as well as some of the ones her Aunts, Uncles & Grandma got her where just too big. That would be this doll house mansion (thanks to Angie & Ebay) which is exactly what Mackenzie has and Lexie plays with constantly when we are there. I spent several hours setting up the dollhouse,
getting everything else wrapped and her new pony ready to go (no I didn't get a real one but she can "ride" this princess pony!)
And putting together her very own table for two. Then setting the living room up to look like a toy land. I still remember my favorite Christmas in Germany when Lynn & I got dollhouses & baby cribs and everything was set up with bows on them. It was magically and I wanted Lexie to have a little magic too.
I have to say it was worth the time and effort. She was really surprised and clearly not sure where to look first.

Once she got off her Princess horse that of course she called Jakie (like the horse she rode this summer at Aunt Yin-Yin's barn) she spent lots of time with her doll house. She wanted to know where Mackenzie was and I'm still not sure I've convinced her that this is hers and not Mackenzie's.
Then she had to go get her crown so she could ride Princess Jakie again and sweetly blew me kisses of thanks.

Next she opened the rest of the wrapped presents and I knew this would be a hit. A doll with a stroller, highchair & crib. She couldn't wait for me to get her out
While I did that she went to get dressed for our first tea party. Ta Da!!!She had to wear to her Cinderella princess gown complete with the charm bracelet her cousins gave her and her ever present crown. You gotta love a 3 year old!
Now this is bliss and my favorite picture! Could she be any sweeter or look any happier?
She was so surprised that we could have real food at her tea party.

Then she decided to fix things her way.
After her nap I had one more surprise for her....a new kitchen set. Her old one was so small that she literally had to bend over to cook. So after hours of putting it together here it is - too cute! It has a kitchen on one side and the BBQ on the back. It even has "flames" & makes sizzling sounds.

Oh the fine meals she has already cooked on it.
And she's given me flowers almost everyday. I'm a lucky mommy!
So from Princess Lexie Lou & Mommy we want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night - until next Christmas!

Cool Pictures

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Lexie loves her baths and lately she really likes to lay back in the tub with her ears under the water. I could resist taking these cool pictures.