Beauty and the Beast!

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We are so blessed to live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and within a ferry ride of Seattle. Tonight I had the pleasure of taking Lexie to her first Broadway musical right here at the spectacular Paramount theatre in Seattle. 

Naturally my princess needed to dress like a princess and as close to Belle as she could get without me letting her wear THE yellow gown. That would have been too much even for Lexie. Funny thing is I didn't think we could go because the tickets where just too expensive to justify....until the last minute. Someone couldn't go and put them on Craig's List. I was more than willing to help them out - at less that half the asking price. It made the day all the sweeter!
Here is a picture from their website and our seats were dead center on the 4th row of the mezzanine.
This is stunning theatre and the whole experience was just lovely.
Lexie managed to curtsy every few steps and still get to our seats in plenty of time. Here is the opening curtain. Unfortunately this was the only picture I got before I was told no pictures were allowed.
The venue was stunning, the cast was terrific and the sets were whimsical and creative. Of course the costumes where a big hit with my fashion princess. A fantastic evening as an extra special treat for my extra special girl.
We didn't leave the theatre until after 9:00 but Lexie surprised me by staying awake the whole way home.
I sent her up to her room to get in her jammies as soon as we got home at about 10:40. I just let the dog out and went to her room to find this....
 My Sleeping Beauty.
I guess we went to the wrong play.
Sweet dreams Sleeping Beauty!