Alexis in Texas

12/04/2009 10:28:00 PM Edit This 1 Comment »
So Lexie and I headed down south to spend Thanksgiving with some of our family in Texas. Here she is with two of her Texas cousins Cody & Mackenzie. Can you see the love on her face?

Whenever these guys get together there is always plenty of "dancing"...

and piggyback rides (yes my princess must bring her princess gown with her every where)...

and even little Blake (who just turned 2 in Oct and out weighs Lexie by 3 lbs) has to get in on the fun!

They are also a very creative group. Here BooBoo (AKA Aunt Angie) and Cody where having a little telephone conversation while Z was setting up a rousing game of El-E-Phant!

I'm not sure who caught the butterflies but clearly they are working on a new hat craze.

Even Grandma had to make a call.

Then after everyone is in their jammies they have to get a "Cody" ride around the room before they will consider heading to bed.

He finally gets up on all fours but it doesn't last long.

Here's Cody trying to switch places with Lexie and get a ride from her. Clearly there's something wrong with this picture.

Finally they are winding down and it's time for prayers with GaGa. What sweet angles!

I've gotta tell you there wasn't a lot of bed time story reading going on in this bed when I came in to tuck Lexie in!

More of the trip later.