Mommy & Lexie Christmas

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It's wonderful that Lexie and I have been a family long enough to have established traditions and one of my favorites is Mommy & Lexie Christmas. Since we travel to be with family for the holidays it makes sense not to take her presents from me to wherever we go and then haul them back. That has lead us to the tradition of M&L Christmas and what a lovely day we had this year.
This year was not the crazy big presents of last year (the doll house, puppet stage & table & chairs) but Butterscotch the pony was a pretty big hit. I have to say this horse is as close as you can get to the real thing without having to clean up after it.
Lexie had to ride her first of course.
 Then naturally she had to put a crown on her.
 And as soon as she opened her new real porcelain tea set she had to give Butterscotch the first sip of tea.
The tea set was also a big hit. Lexie was very excited to open it up and then...
 she lined them up right there on the floor. Funny girl.
I finally convinced her to open some other gifts with the promise of a tea party later on. I found this dress up cape which I just knew she'd love. I was informed that it's Belle's cape for when she goes out in the cold. Good to know.
 I tried to let her explore her presents before encouraging her on to the next one and she really did have fun opening each one.
The bigger keyboard was also well received. I'm hoping she'll want to practice piano more now. She loves her lessons but only wants to practice a song once.
 She was very excited to be able to give me the gift she'd made for me at school.
 I was expecting a snow flake ornament or maybe a picture of her but they made these very unique egg reindeer ornaments.
 She told me a lot of the kids broke theirs and had to start again but she was VERY careful and it never dropped. I will cherish it always.
 After finishing up with the opening of the presents it was off to have breakfast on Lexie's new REAL tea set.
 It was a lovely affair and Minnie Mouse even joined us.
 I have to say this is a really cute set. I looked long and hard to find a set for 4 with pink ballerina's on it. It even came with these tiny forks and spoons and a wicker basket - for picnics Lexie says.
But the biggest hit of the day was Belle. It was definitely a Belle Christmas. I got her a Belle costume complete with a choker and "glove lets" and Grandma & Boo-Boo gave her the musical Belle high heeled shoes.
 But naturally Butterscotch (AKA Phillipe from the movie) was what completed the outfit for her. That is one happy princess.
 She had to sit sidesaddle because of the skirt but as you can tell she didn't care. She just rode off in the forest to get away from the angry pack of wolves. Poor Kit & Kaboodle where the evil wolves all afternoon long.
I also gave her Belle the toddler and Lexie told me she was 3 years old (because on the box it said suitable for 3+) so that made Lexie the big sister Belle.
Lexie did not take the dress off until I put her down for her nap and that was only with a lot of protesting. You have to see what this crazy horse can do. Take a look at this video. And everything it does is automatic. I am really amazed at it.

This one shows her eating. I have no idea how it does it but it's really cool.

You have to take a look at Lexie being a big sister to baby Belle. She is so sweet with her. I'm sure the requests for a real baby sister are only a matter of time now.

After Lexie's nap we ran out to see Tangled which we both just loved. That was the first movie we haven't had to leave because she got too scared or just wouldn't sit still for. I really recommend it! Then we spent the rest of the day playing with everything. It was just a terrific way to spend the day.

And I'm going to finish this post with Lexie "reading" T'was the Night Before Christmas. Last night when she asked if we were going to have Mommy Lexie Christmas when she woke up I said yes and she asked if I would read T'was the Night Before one more time. When I got the book out she said she wanted to read it to me. Okay I thought that would last the first few sentences. I was so astonished at how much of it she remembered. Than I grabbed the camera and asked her to read it again.

 Like Lexie said "Merry Christmas to all and to All a good night!"