Watch Out Rachael Ray

3/19/2011 01:22:00 PM Edit This 3 Comments »
Saturday mornings I try to make something more creative than oatmeal and fruit which is our normal weekday breakfast. Well Lexie told me she wanted to "make" breakfast and here's what she came up with.
First you toast a waffle, put a drop of syrup in each square then add a "flower" of whipped cream.
 I told her she was not eating sugar on a sweet bread (basically what she had so far) so she added her favorite fruit of the week - red grapes. Make a mommy proud!
 Of course the most important part comes next.....the taste test!! Please note that it is important to put the whole square in your mouth at once. Taking a small bite will not give you the full flavor.
 Last and most important of all, give Mommy our favorite sign...the "Eye" Heart You sign. Love this girl.
So watch out Rachael Ray,
Chef Lexie Lou is ready to take over your kitchen - NOT!