Visit to Santa

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I have to say she continuously surprises me. She was so excited to go talk to Santa and she even told me she was sure he would love her "gown." I don't know why I thought I'd have to talk her into going but I definitely didn't need to. She was disappointed that Mrs. Claus wasn't there (go figure) but Santa kindly explained to her that she was home baking cookies and watching the reindeer.

They had a very nice set up and shock of shock there weren't more than a dozen kids in line when we got there. And on a Sunday afternoon to boot. It was our lucky day.

Lexie told the girl in line ahead of her that our tree at home was this big - NOT!!

Here she is before we left clowning around in front of our average sized tree - around 8 foot.

I don't know why but she was in a goofy mood. This was her most serious look.

She thought she was so funny.

She was cracking herself up. She couldn't stop laughing and of course neither could I. This beautiful little Christmas Angel keep making......burping sounds. You'd think she was a 10 year old boy on the playground trying to impress the other boys. But no, this was my little princess belching away. I just wish I'd thought to switch over to video!

After chatting with Santa we ran over to Macy's to shop and they had this set up for kids to write there letters to Santa.

We were actually going to write him when we got home so this was perfect.

How cute is this? Check out the "Believe Meter!"

And for ever letter "mailed" a dollar was being donated to Make a Wish!

And away her letter went!

Merry Christmas Santa & Mrs Clause!