I Met the Love of My Life....

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3 years ago today. That's right - today is the third anniversary of the day I met Lexie in that sad baby house half way around the world. I knew it would be life changing but it's often the little moments that I find so profound. The spontaneous hugs or waves across the playground. Or the silly little jokes like every time she calls me her coach driver as I buckle her into her car seat. Or when she's in the shopping cart at the store and she says hi to a busy person and it makes them stop to smile at her. Just those little moments in your child's life that you get to share with them that can help you see the world as a kinder gentler place. She has given me so many gifts these past 3 years that I can honestly say I'm a better person because of her. I want to be the best person I can be to help her keep growing into the wonderful woman I know she will become.
Interestingly enough today was also our last required post-adoption visit with the social worker. Kazakhstan requires reports from a social worker the first 3 years after adoption then from the parents every year after until they turn 18. And no, they can't take her away or in any way affect her adoption. We are a family forever!! But they have stopped allowing other families to move forward in their adoptions until adoptive families have sent in their reports. So if meeting with the social worker or sending in that annual report will mean one more child will find their family then I am more than happy to do my part. Besides, I'm very proud of my little Kazakh daughter and find it no hardship to brag about her. We actually traveled up to the social worker today who is north of Seattle. We met at a great park so Lexie could play while we talked and she observed how we interacted. Lexie got to play for a couple of hours and I got to share with someone how great Lexie is and she actually wrote it down instead of just rolled their eyes like most people. It was a wonderful way to spend our anniversary. And we took the ferry home which Lexie loved.
She's actually ridden the ferry a few times but clearly she was too young to remember.
She had to explore every part of the boat. Sit in every type of seat.
She saw a guy taking a nap so she told me she HAD to take one too.
She was so busy checking out the boat I lost track of time and we almost didn't make it back to the car in time for the docking. I would have been VERY unpopular if we had been late. If you've ever been on a ferry and someone isn't at their car when it's time to go it is NOT pretty. But we made it so no honking or booing spoiled our day.
Like I said, it's the simple pleasures of life that I am enjoying so much now. Before Lexie I would have probably sat in my car and read or gone up to sit by the window but after a momentary glace outside I would have been on my phone calling clients. Thank you Lexie for helping Mommy see the wonders of this world through new eyes. And you are the best wonder of all!
Happy Born To Me Day Lexie!!
 Mommy loves you with all my heart!