Picture of Lexie & Mommy

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I've been told I needed to add a new picture of Lexie and I so here it is. And I just had to add this picture of Lexie - she's just so cute in her bunny slippers!!

Happy New Year (a Little Late!!)

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So I wanted to get something posted on the blog for Christmas but....here I am in January now trying to get something posted before the end of the month while I can still call it the New Year (I'm sure even the etiquette books would agree that Jan is still the New Year - Right?} So Merry belated Christmas and Happy 2008!!!!!!

Lexie and I had a terrific if not a hectic holidays (and I'm sure we're not the only ones.) I have to say sharing "firsts" with her are just wonderful. She enjoyed her visit to see Santa right up until the time that she realized I was going to leave her sitting on the lap of a strange man with scratchy stuff on his face and had a problem with his laugh. Then she put her arms straight out and had tears streaming down her face. So the shot I've included is just seconds after I stepped away and before she realized what I had done. Nothing like waiting for over an hour for a few seconds of joy. That sounds like...never mind. So her first trip to see Santa was pretty typical and off we flew to the relatives for a lot of holiday cheer.

Lexie truly loves being with her cousins Cody, Mackenzie and Brooke. I can't honestly say she loves Blake yet because at 2 1/2 months old he didn't do a lot but the picture of her as Mrs Claus and Blake as Santa is pretty cute. That was the closest they got the whole time. She'd just as soon be playing with the older kids. We got to go to Cody and Mackenzie's holiday parties at school which she thought was way cool since there where so many kids there. Cody and Z where very proud to have her in their classrooms and showed her off to everyone they could find. Even Uncle Jim got into the act by carrying her on his shoulders (even though I think that was more to keep her out of everything but she enjoyed it.)

Then my oldest nephew, Casey, finally got to meet for the first time her since he was at college when we got home and she really LOVED him. I have about 10 pictures of him holding her. Whenever she'd see him she'd put up her arms and say "UP." How could he resist. As you can see in a couple of the pictures he had to learn it was safe to hold her a little closer since she doesn't bite. Casey was actually very sweet (sorry to use that word Casey but it's true) with her and never ran away as I'm sure he was tempted to do. Thanks Casey! She also got to meet her Uncle Todd and Aunt Lori for the first time and enjoyed them as well. They just didn't have the appeal that Casey did but she still got some quality time with all of them.

Christmas Eve Mass was interesting since she and I spent 90% of it walking around at the back of the church. The children's room was full to over flowing so we got to visit baby Jesus in the manger a lot so at least he knew that we were there.Everyone looked nice as you can see from the pictures of all the cousins in front of the tree and then Grandma with all her grandkids. It was a special night and one a long time coming for me. Of course she was the best present of all.

Christmas itself was amazing and way over the top. Everyone decided that since Lexie didn't have a Christmas the first year of her life that they should make up for it this year. So the present opening lasted all day. She actually took two naps since she was just exhausted. I think her favorite part was tearing open the wrapping paper since I'm not sure if she even knew that there were toys in the boxes. It's so hard to get the toys out of the packaging these days that I opened very few of the actual toys since it took so long. But she had a great time the whole day and everyone was incredibly generous. Thank you all.

We also celebrated our first snow fall before Christmas and it was very unusual for the part of Washington that we live. We were very fortunate to have it and she really had fun after she learned to walk around with so much gear on. I have to say she wasn't sure about the whole snow angel thing. Of course the snow only lasted a couple of days so it was perfect. We also had our first carousel ride at the Zoo when we went to Zoo Lights. She liked the ride until it went up and down and around. But we shared a great evening with Grandma looking at the lights.

When we got back we celebrated our first New Years Eve together quietly at home, which was just fine with me. She, like most kids, fell asleep before the stroke of midnight but she still looked like the angel she is when I went in to give her a New Years kiss. I am so blessed. Since then we've been just playing with her new toys. I got her a little kitchen set and she's now officially a baker. She wears her apron almost everyday and will even take your order. She really likes to rock out on her piano with the microphone and in general she goes from the minute she gets up until she goes down for her nap (thank goodness she still takes two a day.) She's learning new words all the time and really understands so much of what we tell her. I'm hoping to get her into a play group or a day care a few days of the week so she can play with other kids her age. Anytime we are out and she sees another child, she goes right up to them and starts jabbering to them.

I look forward to may more firsts in 2008 and I can't wait to share them with you. As always, thanks for your love and support. Have a wonderful new year!!