Camping - Mommy Style

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Lexie has been asking if we can go camping ever since her Big Cousin Cody talked about his many camping trips with the Boy Scouts. Now I have to admit camping, at least real camping, is not my thing. I did some while I was in Girl Scouts which was great fun but then when I was in 4th or 5th grade my folks bought a Winnebago. Now THAT is my kind of camping....flushing toilets, fridge for the food, beds to sleep in and four walls to keep you safe, you know campin'. So with Lexie having her 4th cold/cough nastiness in the last month we were both sick of not doing much over the weekends but I still didn't want to venture out to do much. So I decided we'd do a little Mommy style camping....
Nothing like pitchin' a tent in the great out, I mean, in doors! And what a tent it was (thanks Jon & Teri for the cute hand-me-down.) As you can see we "rode" our horses out to the campsite and Lexie was wearing her camping attire complete with boots and pigtails.
After all that hard work it was time for some grub....s'mores of course.
Did you know that marshmallows blow up if you heat them in the microwave for even 30 seconds? Clearly Mommy still has a few things to learn about "campfire" cooking.
 They were too hot to eat just like when you pull them off your stick. I swear I could almost smell the fire when we pulled them out of the microwave and waited for them to cool.
 And they are just as gooey. Lexie swears they taste like the real thing (not that she's ever had them but hey she was thrilled with the treat.)
When I'd cleaned up most of the chocolate, Lexie told me it was time for spooky stories around the campfire. Okay, one campfire coming up.
Luckily I am a very prepared Mommy (prepared for the many times the power goes out around here but still) and we had our "fire" going in no time. You can't tell it but it's pitch black (my flash is really bright) since she wouldn't let me have any lights on except the "fire."
Lexie wanted to tell the first story and I was actually impressed. You have to watch this video (she's a little hard to understand because of her cold but you'll get the gist.)
Pretty good hue?
Well I told her it was time to get into the tent for a couple of not so scary books (after all I wanted her to get some sleep tonight) and she was in so fast I had to remind her that she couldn't sleep in her clothes.
This is what she said was the prefect camping jammies. Oh she is so like her Mommy!
And she reminded me that is wasn't really camping if we didn't sing songs around the campfire. Since this was such a close replica of the real thing how could I say no. Of course the pink inflated electric guitar might be a little off but hey it went so well with her princess PJs and tutu.
After a couple verses of Old McDonald and a crocodile song she learned at school this week she gave up the guitar for her baby doll Sarah. I told her it was time to Hit the Hay (which I then had to explain) so she crawled into her princess sleeping bag with the biggest smile on her face.
Well, I think our first camping trip was a big success - even if we didn't even make it to the back yard. Maybe next time we'll venture out there.......naaaah.
Happy Trails!!