Baptisms - Fortunately & Unfortunately?

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Unfortunately, the second half of our trip to Houston in May consisted of us saying good-bye to Lynn & Brooke who had to return home and couldn't be there for the Baptisms. Fortunately we then got to celebrated my brother-in-law Jim's birthday - Happy B-Day old man. The picture of Lexie and Jim with the bug eyed look is a favorite of mine. It's from back in Dec so her hair was shorter (and I think Jim's was longer) but they look adorable together. Then it was play time for the kids for a couple of days and they had a blast together. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful family and even more blessed that we actually enjoy each others company. Lexie didn't stop moving from the moment she woke up until I could get her to put her head down to sleep.
I just had to include these pictures of baby Blake - he's 7 1/2 months here and just a happy baby, Cody 9 1/2 - what a smart, handsome, charming boy he is and sweet Mackenzie (Z - but only Lexie and I get to call her that) 7 1/2 and what a beauty plus she loves to play with Lexie and all her pet shop friends and Brooke 8 1/2 going on 28 1/2!! She's growing up fast on us but still loves playing with her cousins and being the life of the party. I just wished we lived closer so we could enjoy more moments like these.
On to the Baptisms (which happened on May 24th but I didn't get this posted until much later.) It too was a day of unfortunates & fortunates. Both Lexie & Blake were being Baptized on the same day - that was a fortunate. My younger brother Todd & I were to be Blake's Godparents and Angie & Jim Lexie's. So it should have been fortunate since we all would be there for each other and we'd just have to do a little baby switching on the alter. Unfortunately my brother Todd and his wife Lori, couldn't make it at the last minute (we got the call at 5pm the night before) but fortunately Jim's brother, Mike, kindly stood in for Todd with both the kids even though he isn't Catholic. I know I was very grateful to Mike and his wife, Paige & their two girls, for coming even though it was their moving day. Unfortunately my little sweet pea who usually wakes up with a smile on her face and doesn't take it off until she falls asleep, woke up fussy and stayed that way for most of the day. It's hard enough getting a just turned two year old to put on tights, a fancy dress and do her hair up when she's in a good mood but try it when she's crabby. Pretty soon so was I. You'll notice there are no pictures of us together because, well, there are no decent pictures of us together. She's either turned away or crying or pulling on my hair or trying to get down or I have a look of utter frustration on my face. What can I say - we both had an off day and it was reallllllly hot once we got to the church, which certainly didn't help. Oh yeah, and unfortunately her shoes got left at home (we won't go into why because no one can agree) but the bottom line is Lexie got baptized without her tights and shoes. Yes, my always well dressed and looking oh so cute daughter, got baptized in her bare feet. I'm sure the Good Lord didn't mind but her mommy wasn't happy about it. Fortunately, cousin Blake was an angel the whole time from getting dressed to taking pictures to the ride over - right up until Father put the holy oil on his forehead. Unfortunately, he let out a scream I'm sure they heard in Heaven and didn't stop fussing until we walked out the church doors. Now as his Godmother, I went from my fussy daughter to a screaming Blake so all three of us felt like crying before we were done. We were definitely ready to walk back up the aisle when it was all over and I'm sure the rest of the families where glad to see us go too. Fortunately, things did calm down once we went to the restaurant to celebrate and the kids were changed out of their dress clothes but it wasn't what we had planned. I'm learning that's how things happens more often than not with kids and the funny thing is, I wouldn't change any of it. Life would be boring if everyday was perfect and just how we planned it. I wouldn't have Lexie if things had gone as I planned. So I'll leave the planning in Gods hands and learn to go with the flow. He did a great job with Lexie so we'll see what He has planned next for us.
Oh yeah, fortunately the Baptisms are done and we're on to our next event - Vacation in Mexico!!!!!!!! But that's another story.