Dance of Spring

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Sunday morning Lexie decides this is the proper attire for breakfast. Then it's time to get dressed for church and for Lexie that means a dress. She settles on this one even though the green is what she always asks for these day. Once we go outside to get in the car when she sees the sunshine, well I think the pictures speak for themselves.

My girl LOVES to dance and sing and the sun. So a sunny Sunday in a Princess dress is a pretty darn good day for Lexie and her mommy. Happy Spring!!!

Easter Morning

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As you can see she loved dressing up to go to church. Any dress now is a princess dress and I have to say she wears them well! Before that was waking up to the Easter basket full of candy. She quickly discovered it was there for the taking and take she did! Since the only candy in this house is a reward for potty training purposes, I think she was a little concerned that she'd have to do something for these treats.

When I didn't say no she grabbed and ran. Very smart girl! Then when we started the egg hunt (inside since it rained all day) and she discovered there was candy in the eggs well she couldn'd pick them up fast enough and then open them up to grab the candy and shove it in her mouth. What was the Easter Bunny thinking?!?

By this time it's a free for all and Lexie has definitely become Easter's biggest fan. She was dancing and singing and hopping like a bunny all over the living room as she found one egg of sugar high after another. Mommy did finally start saying no and opening the eggs to remove some of the candy treasures. But she really didn't care. The hunt was as much fun as the candy at this point!

I think her favorite hiding place of all was her princess umbrella. The Easter Bunny just knew she couldn't go too long without dancing around with it anyways so of course he hide one in there. She thought that was a hoot and couldn't stop laughing. Silly bunny!!

Then it was time to get ready for church. She did manage to sneak one more piece of candy before I could get her out the door. I was surprised that she was so good in church again with all that candy but maybe she had a drop in her blood sugar level. Either way Mommy got to pray and so did the people around us.

Once we got home she asked me if I could hide the eggs (as you can see here) but I knew it was way past nap time so I agreed to hide them while she was sleeping. You know she was tired since she was fine with that arrangement. Even after hiding them three more times it was a lovely day. Luckily when she woke up on Monday she didn't think to ask me where all the candy was since the Easter Bunny clearly came back that night and took it all away. That Easter Bunny is smarter than I thought.

The Hunt, The Train & The Eggs

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The day before Easter was a busy day for Lexie and Mommy. We started out with the community Easter Egg Hunt that Lexie and I had helped stuff the eggs for a couple of weeks ago. I don't think she connected the two events though. She insisted on bringing her little basket and since the kids are only supposed to "find" six eggs that worked for me. They divide the hunt up by age and she was still with the youngest group of 3 and under. So we met up with Eric & his mom. Eric is the 18 month old of a friend from work Dana & his wife Nydia. Lexie decided that she was definitely in charge.

Poor guy. He didn't stand a chance. But I have to tell you once we were lined up ready to go and they sounded the horn, all bets where off. Eric took off on his own and Lexie really didn't get what the rush was all about. But once she was in the middle of things she figured it out. Of course the "finding" all 2000 eggs in this 20 by 30 foot area for the 100+ kids in this group took under a minute. Talk about a mob!

Her favorite find was a piece of candy without the egg. I think that was when she realized that she wasn't just looking for colorful eggs but that there was candy inside! And after eating the spoils of the hunt it was off to meet the big man himself - the Easter bunny.

I was surprised that she went right up to it and more surprised when she hug him. When we were walking away she said "Mommy, bunny was a lady." I guess the huge mess holes cut out for eyes didn't fool my almost 3 year old. Not to mention the fact that the head was not connected to the body. I just hope she doesn't have nightmares because of it.

So I have to put this in here to show how much she's grown since last year. I can't believe what a difference a year makes!!!!

After a trip home for a much needed nap we returned for the hugely anticipated train ride. On one of our after daycare jaunts we went for a walk around the train tracks but they were all "sleeping" so she was really excited to finally get to ride it (I guess she doesn't remember last years ride.)

Did I mention this is a miniature train? Or are they just called little?!I'm not sure but I do know they are Live Steamers running on 7 1/2 inch gauge track with over 5000 of it laid in the woods of the park where 1 1/2 to 3 3/4 inch scale trains run. Okay I took that right off the pamphlets they give out. The trains are owned and operated by this wonderful local club which runs them starting on Easter weekend through the fall for 2 Saturdays a month and they are just great. They take it all very seriously but have fun at the same time. We were told not to take pictures while we ride because you might lean out and fall off but of course I couldn't help myself.

She really had a ball and we where Choo-Chooing to warn the animals in the forest. On the second run she decided to look for the Easter Bunny (not the lady) and maybe some hidden eggs through her Mickey Minoculars.

She was all up for a third time around but it was getting cold and there were eggs to be colored at home. She did managed to get a pink train whistle/bubble maker out of me. I can't tell you how sorry I am for saying yes. Me and the dogs and probably the neighbors too.

Last thing on the to do list for the day was of course coloring the eggs. As soon as she saw me get the craft smock out she knew this was going to be messy so she could hardly wait.

The stickers where a big hit but seeing the eggs come out of the colors was I think a big surprise. Just simply old fashioned fun. Too bad she hated the taste of them and I couldn't agree more. I'll have to bring them to the office on Monday to see if there is anyone that didn't end up with an extra dozen or two of hard boiled eggs. Here she is with her finished products and that darn train whistle. Hopefully the Easter Bunny will bring her something new to distract her tomorrow.

Happy Easter!!!

A Blissful Day

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Everyday with Lexie is a blissful day (now any parent of a child from newborn to 4, no 10, no...hell ANY parent knows that simply can't be the case) but today was truly one for the record books. Not because of any big event or wild happenings but just because it was a beautiful, sunny, spring day in the Pacific Northwest and I had Lexie to enjoy it with.

I started the day too early in my opinion for a Sunday with our typical oatmeal breakfast and my very colorful ladybug. You'll note that I was in her way taking this picture because Mickey the Mouse was on. He and the gang were on a quest to find the Hula Hibiscus so this was important stuff.

We were up early enough that we even had time for a craft project after Mickey before church. So we made GaGa & the cousins a hand print lamb for their Easter cards. I am trying to branch out from our painting and coloring projects and this was a hit because she loves glue and cotton balls. Don't ask me why with the cotton balls but I've had to hide mine in the bathroom or I find little tiny fuzz everywhere. Anyway, you can see she was very proud of her work.

Next it was time to get dress for church. I haven't been taking her for a while now because she's simply too active and verbal and we don't have a cry room at church. So we both just end up in the community room where she can run around with the other toddlers and I can barely hear anything. Today I told her she can wear her new green dress if she'll sit quietly in church. Of course it was a "Green Princess Dress" complete with purse and gloves (GaGa gave them to her last year for Easter so we're trying them again this year.)

Can you tell she was pretty excited about it? I don't know where she came up with the two fists under the chin classic baby pose. But the middle shot of her peeking through her fingers is more typical Lexie. Or these two where she's dancing barefoot or fixing her outfit. She is all girl!!

And here she is at church looking at the "pink tree" as we went to the car. The cherry trees are just starting to blossom and she thought they were turning pink just for her. I have to tell you she was truly an angel in church. Father, sister and a few friends we saw after mass all said how pretty she was (especially when she'd point out her shoes) but I knew it wasn't just mothers pride in her behavior when the older church lady (you know who I'm talking about - dressed in her matching outfit, pearls, gloves and hat) sitting next to Lexie turned to me and said not only was she beautifully dressed but beautifully behaved as well. Yeah Green Princess Lexie Lou!!

So it was straight home for a nap (the only thing wrong with the day is that I didn't get a nap too) and I had to wake her up 2 1/2 hours later so she could have a late lunch and head out the door. I think the picture above tells you how Lexie felt about being in the SUN!!!!

We went to a favorite park in another town about 20 minutes north of the house. It's right on the sound and just beautiful. Usually no one is there but of course every white pasty skinned person for miles around had come to enjoy the sunshine as well. Who cared? It was beautiful and everyone was in a great mood. Of course Lexie loved sliding, swinging , bouncingand teeter tottering!

Then we were off to explore the shoreline but we had to stop to climb one of the pink trees. I think she got the idea from Mickey or Pooh or maybe Manny because I don't recall any of the princesses climbing trees (and she's never watched any of the actual videos except Cinderella since they all have very scary parts plus she really doesn't watch that much TV - really! Just when I'm in the shower or working from home) but she wanted up. She was pretty worried once I put her on the branch and so she wasn't up there long but I love the pictures.

We finally got to the "big water" as she called it and boy did she enjoy exploring. The purple butterfly shells where her favorite but we had to touch, clean and then throw in water as many as caught her eye.

As you can see the water was crystal clear, it was 71 degrees and simply gorgeous. What an amazingly beautiful day.

But we weren't done exploring yet. Oh no, not my little monkey. I know Lexie looks like she's always picture perfect and I have to say as a rule she doesn't like to get dirty. But she does like to explore and play and climb - especially on rocks. Big or little she'll run over to a rock and give it her best shot. We'll needless to say this one even had her turning to me for help. So with a little shove on the bottom and my hands spotting her all the way, she climbed to the top and couldn't have been prouder of herself. Oh yeah and Mom was pretty proud of her too.

All in all, a pretty darn blissful day.