Big Day of Firsts

6/20/2011 10:06:00 PM Edit This 2 Comments »
Today was an exciting day for my little five year old. She had her first day of Pre-Kindergarten. Here she is proudly holding her lunch box ready for her next big adventure...
For those of you wondering what pre-kindergarten is - well it's summer school before kindergarten hence the pre. Her Montessori preschool ended May 28th and they took 3 weeks off (leaving Mommy scrambling to find daycare.) But today started their summer program. The kids who will be attending kindergarten next year get to move up to the K classroom for the summer. Lexie is so excited!
After her thrilling first day of big kid school (it's just in the room right next to her preschool class but for her it's the room where the big kids did all the cool stuff that she just wasn't old enough or big enough to do - but not today!) I whisked her off to the HIGH SCHOOL for practice of the finale for her big dance recital this weekend. Exciting times around here!!
This is Lexie and her best dancing buddy Olivia waiting in the audience for their dance to be called.
Next they had to wait outside the stage for their turn back stage. Funny thing is, the stage manager announced that all dancers 6 and under should hold hands when they walk on and off stage to make sure no one falls off. These two rule followers held hands the entire rehearsal except when they were on stage dancing. So cute!
 Waiting in the wings....
 Finally their big moment on stage!
Such little girls on such a big stage. All of this and it was just the finale rehearsal not their dance. Next we have dance rehearsal on stage, then pictures, then final dress rehearsal and finally TWO performances this weekend. (Is the week over yet?)
Here's a sneak preview.