Dressing Princess Jakie

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Saturday morning I let Lexie open one of her last presents from Christmas because yes clearly the child needs more toys. But her Aunt Yo-Yo and Uncle Todd gave all the nieces and nephews Zhu-Zhu pets for Christmas but forgot them in their mad rush to get to Colorado. So her's came in the mail shortly after our return but I waited until this weekend. Needless to say she loves it. Thanks guys!!
 She promptly named her Amber - don't ask me why?! Lexie chased her around the room while I put together her tunnels and wheel. I have to say whoever invented these really did a nice job. They are fun and smart too. Anyway, Lexie realized that Amber needed a nap and Princess Jakie needed dressing up.
First it was just the crown and "cape" (and it must be love since that's Lexie' blankie.) Then she had to feed her. There was no apples near by but I was told that horses like tomatoes too.
Of course she had to show Princess Jakie her new look and get her approval.
Then she remembered that Amber hadn't met Princess Jakie yet so she woke her up for their first meeting. But I guess Amber mentioned that Princess Jakie didn't have a scarf, so...
naturally Lexie had to add one before having Zebra joined in the fun.
Then of course Princess Lexie needed a crown and gave Jakie a new crown as well.
And Zebra had to have one too. So finally all the princesses were crowned.
Next Lexie decide she needed to be a ballerina princess and added this. Ta daaaa!
Finally Lexie took over the scarf and good crown leaving Jakie as just a horse and Amber took the rest of her nap. You've gotta love a girl that knows how to dress. All within less than 30 minutes while Lexie kept up a steady stream of dialogue. It's so much fun to hear what's going on in her head. The imagination of this child amazes me!
BTW I got these PJs at Costco but I think the designer actually thought of them as a dress up outfit for a 3 year old toddler. I just couldn't see when Lexie would ever wear lounge pajamas but for $4, well I just couldn't pass them up.