A Lovely Sunday Afternoon

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Today was one of those days. Nothing special. No big plans or events. Just a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon spent with my favorite person in the world.
Naturally Lexie rocked her Sunday best. So after church we did a nice brunch and instead of going home to clean out the garage like I desperately needed to do, we went to do a little shopping for our up coming trip down south. I'm sure it will come as a surprise to everyone but Lexie enjoys shopping just like her mommy. Then we played at a favorite playground and returned home in time for me to do a little cleaning while Lexie hit the road with a few neighborhood friends.
 She isn't the fastest (all the kids are ahead of her) but she is the best dressed!!
 Yup she's still in her Sunday best. I figured why not.
 She was too excited to wait to change. And it cracked me up!
Within an hour of this shot we had a late dinner, brushed her teeth, read her books and she was passed out....literally.
Just a lovely Sunday afternoon.

Four Years Ago on The Fourth

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That's right, it's our fourth anniversary. Four years ago on July 4th at 4:04pm I walked out of the baby house in Aktau Kazakhstan with Lexie in my arms as my daughter. Here she is in the director's office as we waited for the official word that we could leave. She was more than ready and so was I!
Cut to one year later. She was of course walking on her on. In fact she was driving! We hit the local July 4th carnival and she had a ball. Mom and I were both so amazed at how much she'd changed in that year. She was a typical happy, healthy just turned two year old. I couldn't have asked for more.
But a year later she turned three and was more amazing than ever. At least I thought so and so did the rest of the family. We were excited to spend the Independence Day (both the USA and Lexie's) with them down in Texas. Even my brother's kids were up from Mexico so there was lots to celebrate.
Then last year we went to a big festival with some friends, then came back for a picnic with other friends and then finally watched the fireworks at another friends house. It was a very full weekend but as you can see Lexie was having fun and growing up fast. Or so I thought.

This year I can no longer call her my baby. As a just turned five year old, she is definitely a little girl (and reminds me that she's FIVE daily...no hourly!) We'll have a quieter anniversary this year since she now has bronchitis (oh joy) and I don't want to share it with the friends we were going to get together with. But I can honestly say that any day with Lexie is a blessing and a day celebrating our officially becoming a family is a special day.
Happy Adoption Day Lexie.
And all the fireworks are from Mommy just for you!