My Water Baby

5/23/2009 11:25:00 PM Edit This 3 Comments »

I know I promised more about Lexie's birthday party and I will....I promise. But we had such a glorious day in the sun that I just had to share. Living in the Pacific Northwest makes you really appreciate the bright sunny days and boy did we have one today. Here is my bathing beauty impatiently waiting for me to set up her new water slide she got for her birthday. When I looked over at her I just had to grab this shot! I still can't believe my baby is three!

She gave it a good try but it really wasn't working out too well.So out came the wiggly sprinkler Yo-Yo & Ukel Todd gave her. Now this was more like it.

I've gotta say - this thing is wild! Of course Lexie decided Mommy had to have some fun too! So once myself, the towels and the camera got soaked we decided to take a bubble break to dry off.

But that simply wasn't wet enough for my water baby. So I got out this old pool I had for the dogs when they were puppies and filled it up. Finally - she could splash around and get really wet. It's not like the pool at Boo-Boo & Jim-Jim's (can you tell all my siblings & their spouses are called silly double names?) but we hope to visit them this summer. Now THAT is a swimming pool. But this little wading pool will have to keep my little duckling happy in the mean time.

The water was so cold she just couldn't bring herself to sit IN it for the longest time. Here she is chickening out. She cracks herself up!!

Yup - she loved it and has already told me we are swimming tomorrow. How can I say no to this sweet little water baby?