Best Gift A Mommy Can Receive

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Lexie gave me the best gift tonight and she doesn't even know it.
Let me set the stage first. I picked her up after her first day back to kindergarten following our trip to Texas for Thanksgiving (yet another post I owe.) My girl had a busy day because on Monday's they learn Chinese from Ms Jenny and then after school she has Drama with Ms. Stephanie. I was picking her up to take her to her Tae Kwon Do class with Grand Master Yi.....yes, Lexie is one busy 5 year old.
So she tells me she won a sticker in school today because she called out the longest "V" word.....veterinarian. I told her how proud I was of her then off she went to kick some a respectful, disciplined way, of course. After we got home tonight, we were snuggling down to read a book with Kaboodle chewing on her bone by the bed. Lexie noticed there was a little blood on it and she was worried about Boo. I told her I'd take care of her. She said....

L-"Mommy are you a Veterinarian?"

M- "Nope, I'm just a mommy but I'm sure I can take care of this. But honey when you grow up you can be a veterinarian or doctor or teacher or anything else you want."

L- "I just want to be your daughter when I grow up Mommy."

Oh this girl melts my heart. I am the luckiest mommy in the world because she is my daughter.
Best gift ever!!

My Little "Peahawk"

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Some of you may remember on a couple of trips to the zoo Lexie was all but stalked by a peacock. So when I saw this costume I just knew it was the one for Lexie this year.
Lexie just loved it and she had a ball wearing it.
It was fun that it could be worn up or down and the hat was just adorable.
Of course Lexie's favorite part was the make-up. It turned out different every time I did it but Lexie didn't care. She drove me nuts all day asking when it was time to put it on.
We did lots of fun activities for Halloween but I'm sad to say I still don't have the time I need to get it all written down. So soon, very soon you'll see a LONG post with lots of pictures. But for now here is one last picture of Little Ms Peahawk.