My Dancin' Queen

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Well, we are still here in Houston because my sister Angie had to have gal bladder surgery and she can't pick up her youngest son Blake for two weeks. He just turned one and weighs in at a svelte 33 lbs!! Jim, her husband, is a pilot and has been on call since 3 days after her surgery. It went well but she's been in a lot of pain plus she has to figure out what her body can tolerate to eat since without her gal bladder it can't process fats very well. So no Christmas dinner or even cookies for her. She has of course pushed herself a few times in the last week so I'm just trying to keep her from ending up back in the hospital.

In the mean time, my sweet Lexie Lou is having so much fun with her cousins that I am going to have a really tough time with her when we head back home and it's just the two of us. The Dancin Queen pictures are of her on Monday when she woke up and saw her ballet shoes that I brought so she could dance with Mackenzie, who also takes dance. Well she insisted on putting them on and you'd think they had dancing dust in them or something. She cracked me up because she just couldn't seem to stop dancing until she just about passed out. Way cute! Then that evening Lexie & I took Mackenzie to her gymnastic class and Lexie just sobbed when I wouldn't let her got out on the mats with Z. This place is a huge warehouse with about 25 classes going on at the same time and families can watch from behind a 2 foot wall. Well Lexie was having none of it. She keep crying "me dance with Z-Z" to the point that I had to take her outside. She clearly misses her Wed morning dance class. Poor baby. Once she stopped crying we talked about it and I told her she can't "dance" with Z but she could dance with me behind the wall and she agreed....until we went back in and she started sobbing all over again. She was just pitiful. So outside we went again. She finally gave it up more or less the last 15 minutes or so of the class so we could watch Z do her thing. Z was very sweet with her when she was done by giving her a big hug and then letting her take a bow on the mats before we left (I was putting my camera away so no picture of her big moment.)

We also got to have lunch with Cody & Mackenzie at their school. You can bring the kids lunch and sit in the cafeteria with them, so a couple days after Angie got home, Lexie and I went to "big school" for lunch. She had fun with Z since she was first but we had to wait 30 minutes before Cody's lunch time so we colored and she added a few stickers to the picture (after first trying them out on herself) and then she had to do a little dancing around even there. She is always in motion it seems.

Another morning Mom & I took Blake & Lexie to the playground in their neighborhood to give Angie a little quite time to rest. Lexie even rode on a big girl swing for the first time. They were both ready for naps when we got home.

I've also keep the kids busy with Christmas projects which I do with them every year but usually we don't get to do it until just before Christmas and it's always a rush job. So it was fun to have time to enjoy the project even if Angie did make us do it outside and cover everything including the kids. Wimp!! As you can see my artists took it very seriously and really had fun too. I'm sure the family will enjoy these treasures for years to come.

I have to say, even not being in my own home and doing stuff with Angie's kids and having to take business calls, I finally have a feeling of what it would be like to be a stay at home Mom and I LOVE IT!! Now I've just gotta find a Sugar Daddy who could keep Lexie and I in the style we are used to!!