Ballerina Princess Dance Birthday!

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Better late than never - I guess. (I've had this written up it just never got posted?)

Yes you can have it all when you turn three. Of course you'd think that Lexie would want to wear a fabulous Princess costume or the adorable tutu Mommy wanted to make especially for her birthday. But noooooo! After a lot of talking and trying outfits on, my little Lexie Lou decided she wanted to wear her "new Ballet clothes" because we were going to dance with Ms Tanya. That is why Lexie is probably the ONLY three year old birthday girl to wear BLACK to her party. Don't get me wrong, I love this simple black practice leotard I got for her as a present but I visualized her in a princess outfit or lovely party dress or cute pink tutu at the very least. But once she tried it on, she kept telling me she LAWFT it and HAD to wear it to her party. I then tried to add a cute tutu and then some "jewels" to it but NOOOOOOOO she wasn't having any of it. So I took a deep breath and decided it's her birthday so she should wear what she wants. So here she is my sweet simple three year old princess ballerina!
Enough about her clothes already! Here are a lot of the kids even though we are missing 5 or 6 from this picture. It was hard to get them all together and standing still at once but you can see that Snow White, Cinderella, Bell and several other ballerinas made it to the party.

First I have to thank Julie, Lisa & Jordon for their help with the party. We only had about 45 minutes to get set up and they were all just wonderful. Jordon, Lisa's 15 year old daughter was also our video-aughrapher so they are thanks to her. She did a terrific job with all the kids running everywhere plus parents trying to get shots of the kids. Once most of the kids where there Tanya started a class and the fun was on. All of the kids where such a hoot. Well take a look - the pictures tell it all.

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Here are the Thank You notes I sent out after the party. Each one was personalized for each child with all their pictures in it but you get the idea. They were all so cute and I think everyone had fun. Thanks everyone for sharing this special day with Lexie and I!