Happy St Patrick's Day

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Lexie and I woke up to snow....on St Patty's Day in Washington?!!
And we are talking BIG FAT flakes of it. Kaboodle was having a ball...
But within a couple of hours Lexie and I headed out for a St P's Day party at Discovery Village with not a flake in sight. We are really having a crazy winter/spring around here.
 Lexie really got into the Irish spirit with Irish Musical dots, Hot Gold Potato and Toss the Gold Coin in the Pot at the End of the Rainbow games.
 Then we were off to the craft room to create with the glittery green Play-Doh and have a shamrock tat placed on her hand and one more painted on her face. And of course she had to make a hat!
 The funny thing is, Lexie was telling all her friends at school yesterday that she's Irish since her great Grandma Speed was Irish but a few of them didn't believe her (can't imagine why?) She assured them she is "Irish FOR REAL!" I'm sure Grandma Speed would agree.
This is the story she wrote at school last week. "If I caught a Leprechaun I would play at the park with her. by Lexie." I love that her leprechaun is a girl!
So here is my very happy Asian Irish Princess hiding behind HER lucky Irish Leprechaun.
Happy St Patrick's Day from our Irish Family to yours!