According to my FIVE Year Old....

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I have been collecting these little pearls of wisdom since right after Lexie turned 5 (which was 6 months ago.) I have neglected her blog worse in the last 6 months than I did the first year she was home and I was adjusting to being a new mommy. When I realized how many amazing moments I've missed posting in the last 6 months it made me so sad and I vowed to post some of those events....but I don't have time tonight. So I'm posting these little Lexie tidbits and promise to do a big catch up post as soon as I possibly can. No really - I will. After all, Halloween is just two weeks away and her costume is way cute. In the mean time, I hope you enjoy these amazingly insightful observations by Lexie...

Now that Lexie is FIVE, she likes to inform me of things she can now do or things she now knows - with absolute certainty. Like tonight she was getting ready to brush her teeth. She must set out all her "equipment" first - the Ariel toothbrush, pink princess toothpaste, princess floss stick, big kid pink mouth wash (which she's told me is for princesses only,) princess washcloth and her check list and pen. Yup, all of this to brush her teeth at night. After applying the much coveted pink princess toothpaste on poor princess Ariel's hair (aka the bristles) she tells me "Mommy, five year olds hold the brush down at the bottom not at the top like babies." Good to know....

Another night as she was brushing (it seems to be a time when five year olds do their best thinking) she explained to me that "five year old princess ALWAYS floss their teeth starting on the top, in the middle." Another fascinating five year old fact.

As we were driving who knows where, I was informed that she is an EXPERT on cows, princesses and counting. How they connect I have no idea but I know where to go if I need any advise on these subjects (but the princesses where a no brainer.)

We went to register Lexie for her summer school and she was very excited to be moving up into the kindergarten room - even though she won't be a REAL kindergartener until the fall. She told me that we needed to celebrate this big event by going to her favorite Chinese restaurant. What bigger event is there to celebrate that signing up for pre-kindergarten?!
I took Lexie & my mom to see the Children's Theatre rendition of a musical Sleeping Beauty and we loved it. Great cast, terrific music, creative props & staging and the musical itself is way better than Disney's version. I bought the CD to play in the car and I'm so glad I did.Our favorite song is the hello song. It goes "Bonjour, that's hello or good day in French, buenos dias also good day in Spanish, Boker Tov is good morning in Hebrew, konnichiwa hello in Japanese." She/we sing it all the time (since it gets stuck in your head very easily) and the other day she told a friend of mine that she now speaks French, Spanish, Hebrew and Japanese and of course English too. I'm so relieved to know I just have to know how to say hello in a language to actually speak it.

A few mornings after seeing the show I wake up to hear a very sleepy "Boker Tov Mommy." So sweet.

I hear shouts of "Mommy, Mommy come quick" from Lexie in the bathroom. Expecting the worst (which as we all know it can be REALLY bad if shouts are coming from the bathroom) I run in to find her reclining on the pot. She says "Look Mommy because I am five I can sit all the way back on the toilet." What!!

She can also see into the silverware drawer without her step stool now so her big chore of putting the clean silverware away is way easier according to my five year old.
I wore a new shirt that was slightly lower cut than normal for me(which is not low cut at all) and Lexie says "Mommy don't show the line" as she pulled the neckline up almost choking me. Oh the modesty of a five year old.
One of her BIGGEST accomplishments as a five year old is in her fingers. She can snap now which she'd been working on for what seemed like months. But as soon as she turned five - snap! Who knew I was wasting our time trying to teach her to snap when she was just four?!
Okay, enough wisdom from my then 5 but now 5 1/2 year old. I will do my very best to catch you up on all the excitement in our lives over the last six months in a big, picture filled post.....