Halloween Party & Festival

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Today was a big day for Ms Lexie Lou. We started out with her Halloween party at school and of course she got to wear her costume.
Pretty cute hue!??
 And she LOVED her tights as you can see. She thought they were sooo cool!!

Then we were off to school where she literally skip the whole way into class.
I had time to stay for a few minutes while the kids got ready to go trick-or-treating to the other offices in the building. But first they made them change into their slippers which didn't make sense but I talked her into going with the flow.
Here they are lined up ready to go. The little girl behind Lexie told me her mommy forgot to dress her up so she's just plain Bennett today. I told her no that she's anything but plain she's a butterfly like on her shirt. She's so sweet!! And don't you love pooh too!
And they're off!
 How adorable are they? Strawberry Short Cake was one of my favorites.
There was a whole flock, bunch, gaggle of princesses (what do you call a group of princesses?), 2 Buz Lightyears, a policeman (he is NOT a cop) and even Avatar. All this in pre-school.
After trick-or-treating around the building they returned for snacks and then they broke open a witch pinata (Lexie's favorite part) and were read some scary Halloween stories. Sadly I had to miss all that and go to work but Lexie said it was a great day at school.
I was surprised when I picked her up that the wig was still on even if the make up was pretty smeared.
Then we were off to piano lessons.
The braids keep getting in the way so off came the wig. Then it was home for a quick dinner and off to the fall festival at one of the local elementary schools.
 It seemed to be very crowed this year but Lexie still enjoyed all the games and candy..
The cupCake Walk was a big hit
and her gaming skills have improved.
She was very disappointed though that she wasn't big enough to "Be a Candy Corn." Even when I was putting her down to sleep tonight she mentioned that 4 year olds just aren't big candy corns. Poor baby!
But riding this bike powered windmill seemed to make up for her lack of Candy Corn height.
She still had a smile on her face even when we came home, had a quick snack and she hit the hay.
This was 2 days before Halloween. I don't know if the real day will live up to today.
Hope everyone enjoys thier spooky weekend!