A Trip To The ER For Lexie Lou

4/07/2010 11:41:00 PM Edit This 8 Comments »
(Lexie Easter morning the day before her surgery)
I'm afraid Lexie's recovery from the surgery is not going as well as the surgery itself. Monday night she woke up screaming and crying. After an hour of this I called her surgeon who said it was the anestesia still wearing off. I also told him Lexie had refused to take the pain meds and her antibiotics. He said as long as she didn't get a fever, which would indicate an infection, than not to worry about either of them even though they would make her recovery faster and less painful. But keeping her hydrated with any kind of fluid was the most important thing. I'm afraid Lexie didn't want to do any of the above. For the last 2 days Mom and I have tried tempting her with Popsicles, shakes, soda, chocolate milk, cookies, candy, fruit, whatever her little heart desired with VERY little results. Then I tried threats of going back to the hospital if she didn't at least drink. She'd cry and say "no Mommy, I don't want to go back" but if she sipped at all it was just the tiniest bit. I have to say you can not reason with a 3 going on 4 year old! We even tried forcing it down her or tricking her. That just got things spit in my face or she'd just clamp her jaw tight or choke on it. None of it worked and it just made me feel terrible and it showed a stubborn side of her I didn't know existed. So she's had maybe 3 oz of water or juice on Tue along with a little chocolate egg and  a couple of bites of Mac-N-Cheese and today maybe 2 oz of water or juice and that's it. The nurse from the surgeons office has checked in both days and today she said if she hadn't had at least 16oz of fluids by 2pm I'd need to take her into the ER for IV fluids. Sadly I waited until about 5pm without any luck so we headed off to the ER in Tacoma where she had the surgery at the children's hospital. We just returned at 10:30 pm and it wasn't fun plus my poor baby has already lost 1 pound! Needless to say Lexie was scared to death and it took myself and 2 nurses to hold her down while the 3rd nurse put in the IV. I'm not sure who was crying more me or her. But about a half an hour into the fluids Lexie was perking up and asking for water to drink and a Popsicle. Then one of the nurses gave mom some bubbles for her to blow in the room and Lexie was laughing and having fun. It was nice to see my sweet happy Lexie Lou back.

So thank you everyone for your prayers and good wishes. It's been great knowing so many people have had us in their thoughts and prayers. And Mollie I took the princess books with us to the ER and once she started feeling better we were looking for all the hidden princesses. It was a great way to keep her calm and her mind off the needle. Thanks again! Now I just hope she'll keep on drinking and eating and taking her meds. If not then I'll remind her about our little trip tonight and hope it scares her into it! I know it scared me. It's the New Scared Straight Program at our house!