Little Red.....

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Okay I just can't wait any longer. Here she is......Little Red Riding Hood!
She's on her way to Grandma's house with her basket of goodies through the woods. But have no fear - there wasn't a wolf in sight. In fact, I'm standing in the parking lot of my office taking this picture and these are the lovely woods behind the building.
But first she got to wear her costume to dance class with all the other girls on Wednesday. Are they cute or what?
As you can see Lexie has to get right next to the teacher, Ms Tanya and her helper big girl Amber (who lead the elephants during their recital the summer.)

What form, what poise....
And I have to introduce you to our youngest member of the class, KiKi!! Her grandma made her this costume and she was beyond adorable. (If you click on the picture of her with the hoop to make it bigger, you'll notice her diaper sticking out of the top of her pants!)

Then it was time for tap shoes and a march around the room tap, tap, tapping to the beat.
Of course KiKi had to do her own thing....
and Lexie was just loving it! I definitely have a dancer on my hands.
Then today, Friday, she had her Halloween party at pre-school so she got to wear it again. She was so excited but mainly about getting to "whack" the pinata the teachers had set up. That's my girl!

They also had a costume parade as well as trick-or-treating to all the different rooms and offices around the building. So she had a ball. And if that wasn't enough we also went to a festival at one of the elementary schools. This "row of houses" for trick-or-treating was one of the first things as you entered and I thought it was very cute.
They had to knock on the little doors, then say trick or treat and they were handed a treat.

Lexie thought it was great and wanted to "walk the block" a couple of times. Boy am I in trouble tomorrow!
Then it was off to the Cup Cake Walk which she took very seriously, until.....

she won her cake!

Next it was time for the game room where they had lots of different games for them to play and win, your guessed it, candy!

I think her favorite part was waiting in line so she could sneak a bite of her cupcake.

Then we found our friend "Dorothy" but Toto was no wear to be found. She was so stinkin' cute.
Baby Mia as Lexie calls her, is a friend of mine Rachel's just turned one year old daughter that Lexie just loves. Partly I think because she gets to be the big girl with Mia. Of course she had to show Mia the ropes and take her to the Cup Cake Walk....
which they won. But I just couldn't get Lexie to slow down. Lexie dragged Mia all around the cake walk and then rushed her off to the little street to show her how to trick or treat. Mia had no problem getting the hang of it and really loved the magical people inside the buildings.
Soon after that we said our good-byes and headed on home. Lexie crash half way through my reading of "I've got a Wocket in my Pocket" so you know she was pooped! I can't believe tomorrow is the real Halloween. I wonder if she'll know the difference if we just stay home?

Happy Halloween!!

The Haunted House!!

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That's a Haunted Gingerbread House I mean. Yup, that was our weekend project and since I had to work on Saturday we got busy on Sunday. And of course Lexie had to dress the part.
But before we got to the good stuff she had to take her nap so anyway outfits where changed once again. As you can see she was a big help making the icing.....not!
Only MY princess could see a crown even in a haunted house!

Now that was some nasty black icing but clearly it all tasted grrrrreat to Lexie!
You can see she was pretty darn proud of the end results and I've got to say I was surprised at it myself since I had so along the way.

Even the back was cute.

Of course as soon as we were done she wanted to know when she could eat it. She eat a LOT of the candy as she decorated it but I told her we had to wait until the day after Halloween. I'm hoping she'll have some much other candy that she'll forget about this and I can just through it away. Shhhhhh don't tell her.
Oh, what a cute little pumpkin!!

Pumpkin Patch and So Much More

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Last Sunday the rain stopped just long enough for Lexie & I to head out to the fabulous Maris Farms Pumpkin Patch that we discovered last year and enjoyed so much. It was a last minute decision since the clouds were still hanging around and looking like a "storm" as Lexie called it but we were in luck and had a wonderful afternoon.

As you can see Lexie jumped right in and got into the swing of farm life. Nothing like riding a cow and tractor to get the old country juices flowing.

Then we were off to the races.....the duck races that is.

As you can see she too it very seriously. It's a lot of work you know.

After all that hard work it was time to sit back and relax on the cow train. Choo choo or should I say Moo Moo!!

I have to say they were very cleaver in making it fun for the kids (and you'll notice a couple of adults thought it would be a hoot too) and it cost virtually nothing for them to make. Just cut out a couple of old barrels, bolt in an old school seat that you take the legs off then add a seat belt for safety of course, a little paint then hook them up to the tractor and away you go!
Lexie thought she was on a big roller coaster since she's got her hands up. But I just love the big grin on her face. She rode it twice more before the day was through.
Next was my favorite room in the farm - the corn kernel pit. Imagine a ball pit except this room is filled with corn kernels about 2 feet deep surrounded by bails of hay. I love it because it's like getting a mini foot massage when you walk with your socks in it. (Sorry about the spots on the camera lens but I forgot to clean it off after we had a little sprinkle.)

This is my angel making a little corn angel.
The Pillow Jump was next on the list. This is so cool. It's like a buried trampoline buried but it's a blow up so it really looks like a huge pillow buried in the sand.
They are smart enough to separate the kids by weight when they let them jump. But even then if they get too close to each other they'd bounce each other all over the place.
And as you can see the weather was threatening to explode all day but other than a couple of sprinkles early on we never got any rain.
Lexie was really getting good at it when her time was up.
So she decided to roll down the hill to get off.
Funny girl!
We just made it for our tee time (note the "club" - too cute!)
I'm certainly not a golfer so I don't know how she even knew what to do. But she picked up a club and went at it.
Now her form may need a little work but she quickly figured out that she had to get the ball through the tunnel....
and into the hole. Isn't she smart!
Another fun activity was the Mud Shaft Slide which is buried in a hill. My brave little dare devil just got in line and down she went.
And out she came....
Then she jumped up and wanted to "do it again!!"
And again....
And again. We went down together a couple of times which was fun except the walk back up the hill on the 5th or 6th trip down. Here she is for "One last time - Please!!!!"
What I don't have pictures of because my camera's battery ran out was the hay ride around the huge pumpkin patch, the corn maze (which was over 5 acres so I took a pass on that since I didn't feel like carrying 32 lbs of princess for 4 of those 5 acres,) the pony rides, the pig races, the petting zoo, the monster truck rides (yeah like I was ever climbing up in the back of one of those things let alone bringing Lexie with me,) the pig races and the face painting. There were several other activities geared more for teenagers or men in general (ha-ha) like corn cob target practice or the vortex or the haunted woods which we stayed away from. But we had a terrific time enjoying the country atmosphere and simple pleasures......
like Lexie catching up on her lost nap during the drive home!