A Lovely Sunday Afternoon

7/10/2011 09:48:00 PM Edit This 4 Comments »
Today was one of those days. Nothing special. No big plans or events. Just a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon spent with my favorite person in the world.
Naturally Lexie rocked her Sunday best. So after church we did a nice brunch and instead of going home to clean out the garage like I desperately needed to do, we went to do a little shopping for our up coming trip down south. I'm sure it will come as a surprise to everyone but Lexie enjoys shopping just like her mommy. Then we played at a favorite playground and returned home in time for me to do a little cleaning while Lexie hit the road with a few neighborhood friends.
 She isn't the fastest (all the kids are ahead of her) but she is the best dressed!!
 Yup she's still in her Sunday best. I figured why not.
 She was too excited to wait to change. And it cracked me up!
Within an hour of this shot we had a late dinner, brushed her teeth, read her books and she was passed out....literally.
Just a lovely Sunday afternoon.