Easter Morning

4/18/2009 12:16:00 AM Edit This 2 Comments »

As you can see she loved dressing up to go to church. Any dress now is a princess dress and I have to say she wears them well! Before that was waking up to the Easter basket full of candy. She quickly discovered it was there for the taking and take she did! Since the only candy in this house is a reward for potty training purposes, I think she was a little concerned that she'd have to do something for these treats.

When I didn't say no she grabbed and ran. Very smart girl! Then when we started the egg hunt (inside since it rained all day) and she discovered there was candy in the eggs well she couldn'd pick them up fast enough and then open them up to grab the candy and shove it in her mouth. What was the Easter Bunny thinking?!?

By this time it's a free for all and Lexie has definitely become Easter's biggest fan. She was dancing and singing and hopping like a bunny all over the living room as she found one egg of sugar high after another. Mommy did finally start saying no and opening the eggs to remove some of the candy treasures. But she really didn't care. The hunt was as much fun as the candy at this point!

I think her favorite hiding place of all was her princess umbrella. The Easter Bunny just knew she couldn't go too long without dancing around with it anyways so of course he hide one in there. She thought that was a hoot and couldn't stop laughing. Silly bunny!!

Then it was time to get ready for church. She did manage to sneak one more piece of candy before I could get her out the door. I was surprised that she was so good in church again with all that candy but maybe she had a drop in her blood sugar level. Either way Mommy got to pray and so did the people around us.

Once we got home she asked me if I could hide the eggs (as you can see here) but I knew it was way past nap time so I agreed to hide them while she was sleeping. You know she was tired since she was fine with that arrangement. Even after hiding them three more times it was a lovely day. Luckily when she woke up on Monday she didn't think to ask me where all the candy was since the Easter Bunny clearly came back that night and took it all away. That Easter Bunny is smarter than I thought.