A Few Christmas Lights

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I think every town has at least one house that, well....goes a little overboard with their Christmas lights. This is the one in Port Orchard.
This is just a couple of the different groupings he has set up. This place is unreal!I think there were at least a dozen elephants alone.

They invite you to walk around their "yard" with these lighted paths and this archway leads into the back yard where they even had a movie screen set up playing Christmas movies complete with little cars to make you feel like you're at the drive-in. But here was Lexie's favorite part.

That's right - Santa's sleigh. And that would be Mrs. Lexie Clause driving! I couldn't get her out of there.

She would get out and name all the deer. None were correct except Dancer and Rudolph but I don't think Comic or Prancy or Pinky would be that offended but Stupid (aka Cupid) might not be so happy with her.

Here she is checking out Rudolph's blinking nose.

Of course she had to get back in for one more ride. Mrs Clause would be proud of how she handled her team!

Here is the little decoration I put up at my house. Now I don't feel like I over did it at all!

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!