Choo-Choo Soul

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Tonight Lexie and I along with her best dance buddy Olivia and her mom had the pleasure of going to see Choo -Choo Soul with Genevieve (and DC too.) It was surprisingly good and she and Olivia had a blast. Here they are waiting for the show to begin...
 Lexie wanted to wear this outfit because DC wears fingerless gloves on the show. Too funny.
 We didn't have to wait more than 10 minutes but they asked at least 4 times "when is it going to start?"
 During the show Genevieve came out in the audience and at one point she noticed Lexie and even gave her a hug. So after the show when they came out to sign autographs and take pictures with the kids she notice Lexie right off and gave her another hug. Lexie of course told her about her missing she could miss the gaping hole in the front of her mouth?
 I have to say they were both very sweet with the all kids and seemed to genuinely enjoy them. I would recommend the show to anyone with kids 3 to 10 or even older.
Lexie just loved it and I love anyone who makes my girl happy!
Fun times!!!