Easter With MY Bunny!

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My bunny and I had a jammed packed Easter. The first egg hunt was at our local park.These are the eggs we help stuff every year so of course we have to go here.
 And yes Lexie is all things ladybugs right now. I got her the first "Lady Bug Girl" book and she was hooked. So both she and Alexa had to go as Lady Bug Girl.  It was her day so I figured why not.
 She only ended up with 5 eggs but it was about the hunt not the eggs.  That was followed by the miniature train ride.
Then a quick visit with the Easter Bunny.
And then we were off to the second hunt. Yup we are a multiple hunt kinda family. Besides, this one is at a local stables with lots to do. She got a little swinging in.
 Then they taught the kids the Bunny Hop.
Lexie said her dance class made her good at it  - too cute!
 And there was even time to pet the goats before the big hunt.
Finally the race was on.
I'm afraid she didn't fair much better the second time around. She only wanted pink eggs so she passed by a lot to get to them. Six was all she managed to snag. But that didn't bother her much because this was the real reason she came.,,,,the pony rides (or should I say big shaggy horsey rides!!)
This girl loves the horses. She told the man in front of us in line that she was a "professional" since her Aunt Yin-Yin taught her everything she knows.
Lexie was one happy rider!
Then we headed home to dye some eggs. At first she was a little timid.
 But pretty soon she was dying like a pro....I wonder if her crafty Aunt Yin-Yin gave her lessons? NOT!!
 Naturally we had to write on them and put stickers on and I was even foolish enough to get the package that makes them glitter....note to self - NO glitter next year!
She was very proud of the end results and was now ready for bed since the Easter Bunny needed time to hide all the eggs.
She went right to sleep and that's where I'm headed too. I'll have to write part II of our Easter adventure tomorrow night.