A Little Ray of Sunshine

1/20/2010 11:21:00 PM Edit This 1 Comment »
Talk about make a parents day. Wednesday is Lexie's morning dance class so I drop her off at her Montessori pre-school around 11:00am. We try to slip in quietly as all the kids are diligently working at their different projects and all three teachers will be working with different kids. Either Lexie or I will say "shhhhh" just before we open then door and then giggle. So today as we were quietly making our way to the coat rack and Lexie walks by one of the teachers sitting in a child size chair when the teacher says "Good morning Lexie." Lexie couldn't resist and gives her a big hug. She says "oh thank you Lexie I needed that." Then other teacher sitting on the floor near by looks up and says "Our little ray of sunshine is here." That just melted my heart.

Here's my Little Miss Sunshine!
Mommy sure loves you Baby Girl!!