Good-Bye Princess Snowflake

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All good things must come to an end and Princess Snowflake's end came pretty quickly. This is what we woke up to.
This was actually better than I expected since it rained buckets all night. Clearly the rest of the snow is gone. Here's Lexie's reaction.
She wasn't sure why everything was so far away from the princess. Including the umbrella which ended up across the street.
It was not a fit night for man nor snow...princess. But Lexie was all for trying to put her back together. 
A carrot here...
some buttons there...
and a couple of arms and she was good as new......kinda.
Lexie insisted that the sign had to go back in (even though it is clearly no longer her birthday!)
Still something was missing. Oh yes, the mouth. The gum drops where just a mushy mess so we used the licorice that were her eyelashes. We just couldn't get her to smile (and who can blame her?) but Lexie was happy enough to finally head off to school with a wave good-bye to Princess Snowflake.
This is who I found when I ran by the house to let the dogs out a few hours later.
A little freaky if you ask me. I considered just knocking the whole thing down but figured the light showers due for the rest of the afternoon would probably do the job. This is what Lexie came home to after school.
Yup - she's headless. But Lexie was not deterred. We moved the "necklace" scarf down and put her face right back on. Or at least tried.
The candy coal eyes gave her fits so she ended up using the "buttons" for eyes instead. Hey whatever works.
Then the crown keep sliding off (I wonder why?) but she managed to get it to stay on long enough for us to head on in the house with me reminding her that more rain was expected and I really didn't think there would be much left of the Princess.
There wasn't.
We Lexie looked out the window and saw what was left she insisted on going out in her jammies. After looking over the pieces and talking about how she's watered the grass and flowers she was ready to say good-bye.
She handled the melting way better than she did 2 years ago with her first snow woman.
Now that was real shock. And she insisted on putting her back together even at this stage. But I got her laughing about it and all was right with her world again.
Oh how my baby is growing up!
And what was I thinking with those hair bows?