Little Moments

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Part of the joy of life with Lexie is the little moments. Like....
-Waking up to Lexie saying "Mommy I was just helping the chick-monks with their nuts and then a fairy came to help too." What a sweet dream and it's good to know she's helping others even in her dreams.
-When changing the toilet paper roll is something she looks forward too, takes about 3 attempts to get it done right and deserves a high five when it's done!
-Often when I ask her to get something for me she'll hand it to me with a flourish and a curtsy as she says "my laaaaady." It stops me every time and makes me laugh.
-I smile every time I walk into a room that she's in and she's talking to herself. Usually she's telling a story or talking to one of her dolls or toys as if they where a princess or a cowboy or a kitten. Or she's being the kitten or princess or pig. And of course she has to wear a costume to make the event.
-The other day I was getting her dressed in one of Brooke's hand-me-down sweaters (thanks Brooke & Yin-Yin) and the sweater has a farm scene on it. So she had to have braids and boots and her cowboy hat. Of course the hat wasn't warn to school but it was worth being a little late to let her enjoy the process of dressing the part.
-Oh that face, that sweet beautiful little face. Especially when she flashes her dimples or she giggles softly or laughs like a loon! I never get tired of seeing her sweet face.
-Her imagination never stops and I love to see where it takes her and often times me with her. I've finally gotten her to tell me who I am in the latest fantasy which is helpful so I don't hear "Mommeeeee, I'M the dogie and you are the girl with the dogie." Okay - good to know.
-She was at the table the other day playing with her cash register while I was getting dinner ready and I'd hear ding when the drawer opened then she'd say "thanks for shopping with us and have a pleasant day."
-I love to hear her say please and thank you almost all the time without any prompting from me.
-For whatever reason Lexie often says "Hello today." Just the way she says it cracks me up.
-This morning during our drive to her pre-school she asked me if today is tomorrow. What a terrific question. Of course today is tomorrow and today will also be yesterday...tomorrow. After a few more questions on my part I found out the big kids - aka the kindergartners - are putting on a play for them "tomorrow"and if today is tomorrow then she didn't want to be late.
-And one of my favorite little moments, yesterday (which would have been today when she told me about it) Lexie said that she and her friends Lauren D. (there are 2 Lauren's in her class so she always says Lauren D or Lauren M,) Collen and Sofia where playing family and they were flying around the world to go get their baby girl. What better way to celebrate Adoption month than to have a little moment where you realize your daughter understands she was adopted, has no problem with it and has taught her friends that adoption is how you create a family. Which is certainly how we created ours. I had to take a little moment myself to clear my throat before I could respond to her question of how far away Kazakhstan really is.
I am so thrilled to be able to share the world with this beautiful little soul who constantly reminds me of the joys of the little moments in life.