Lexie's Pink Tree

6/19/2011 12:47:00 AM Edit This 3 Comments »
Every year I try to get a shot of Lexie in the cherry tree in our back yard when it blooms. This year it's clear that the tree is not the only thing in bloom. I can't believe how old Lexie looks!
This was the week before she turned 5. My sweet happy baby girl!

I feel so blessed to have this much beauty in my back yard even if it's just for a week or so.
And here is my 5 year old. Lexie insisted we take the "pink tree pictures" again after she turned 5. Such a difference!
This was just before the sun went down.
I had to go back and get the previous years just to remind myself that she really was a baby - once.
This was right around her 2nd birthday and she hadn't been home a year. At least I hadn't put her in the tree yet. Oh so cute!
 So sweet (I love her little bottom teeth.)
 This is right around 3 years old. First time in the tree and totally confident. That's my girl!
 Love that happy face!
Now this was last year a few weeks after her surgery. I didn't remember her being so skinny.
And so serious.
Oh here's my slightly happier girl.
But today is always the best day with Lexie.
She's as sweet and pretty as any cherry blossom!