Tulips, Tulips Everywhere

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Lexie and I live in an amazing part of the country - the Pacific Northwest and this weekend was a huge reminder of just how wonderful it is. We went to the Tulip Festival in LaConnor which is very close to the Canadian border. Boy was it worth the looooong drive.
 Did I mention it was stunning?
We got there at a perfect time. The sun was out (mostly) and we got a great parking place and Lexie just loved the whole experience. Me too.
 She was also very silly all day long.
 I mean a real goofball.
She was skipping and singing and dancing. Too bad it was so muddy or she would have been digging her toes in the dirt.
Her one disappointment of the day was that we couldn't pick the flowers. I mean really, what are they going to do with a million opened tulips anyway?
Did I mention seriously gorgeous....
and the flowers were beautiful too.
 Love the toothless tongue trick on this one:-)

After exploring life on the farm (yup, a tulip farm is about as close as these two girls are getting to a real farm anytime soon) we headed over to the street fair in Mt Vernon to do what we do best....shopping!
 There were over 100 local artist and vendors of all kinds and we enjoyed exploring them all.
I was very glad they didn't have this in pink.
Lexie did finally manage to pick a flower....a balloon flower that is.
We actually took home several bunches of tulips and lots of beautiful pictures and best of all, some wonderful memories.
Life doesn't get any better!