Lexie Meets a Frog

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I'm at the Internet Cafe so I can download pictures faster so I'm going to try to catch up with Lexie a little bit. You haven't seen much of her in the last few postings so here she is.

I bought her that pool blow up since toys are so expensive here and I wanted her to have something new to play with. She liked it until she saw the eyes behind her. Then she was outta there. Very smart girl.

Next should be Flora holding her. Flora was dressed for court but still played with Lexie. Of course I got her back when Lexie started pulling on her hair and earrings.

I also included a picture of the money here, called Tenge, since it didn't load on the posting I thought it did.

The rest are just cute shots of Lexie playing. She's growing up and exploring her new world.

3 Year Old Group - Court - Who Knows?

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Today is Saturday June 16th and we still don't know if we are going to court on Monday or Tuesday. Now the courts are closed on the weekend so I think we are just going to show up on Monday by 10am and hope for the best. Flora is meeting us at the Baby House at 5pm today to "prep" us for court so maybe she'll have more to tell us. As they say around here a lot "who knows?"

So instead of worrying about something I can't change I thought I'd show you the 3 year old group at the Baby House. Rosa's little girl is in this group so she's been taking pictures of them. As far as she knows none of them are available but you can still enjoy their sweet faces. The little blond boy in the red shirt is the one that played with Mom and I about a week ago. The one I posted with the hat. I hear he is quit a character. He has a 5 year old brother that was just moved to the Children's House on Tue. The older brother is the blond boy with straight hair in a blue shirt that is crying. I understand they have only been here for a year and they were taken away from there parents. Anyway, my favorite picture is them all on their pots. They are literally pots by the way. Like chamber pots. No nice little potty chairs but pots.

Okay, the first and last pictures are of Rosa's daughter, Ellena. Then it's her with her group eating and of course going potty and then playing in the music room where they go twice a week. They are between 2 1/2 & 3 1/2 years old. They have moved about half of them up to the next group on Tue so they have 5 new younger children in her group now. Rosa said 4 of them are not in good health so the care givers really have their hands full. All these kids would do so much better in a home. But as you can see they are well cared for just not loved. Breaks your heart.