My Helpful Valentine

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What a difference a year makes! Not sure if any of you remember last year's homemade Valentine extravaganza (I'm sure even less of you care) but after that week long project, I was sure I'd never tackle another homemade Valentine project again. I'm glad my memory is short and my daughter is persistent and most of all this project was much simpler. I did most of the cutting but Lexie glued...
and wrote everything and put them all together.
This time around Lexie was a HUGE help and she had a ball.
She was very proud of herself and I was too. What was great about this project was not only that she could do a large part of the work but that the hand says "I love you" in sign language which they are learning in school. Too cute!
For the kids they got one of those packages you smash and a heart shaped balloon pops out and the teachers each got a candy rose. Best part of all......we were done in about 2 hours!!!
Before this little project we went to another Asian cultural event to celebrate the Chinese new year. A play called "Monkey Magic." It was 7 Asian folk tales told by a mischievous monkey and the whole cast was kids 9-15 years old.
The kids did a great job and the traditional Chinese instruments were a wonderful touch. Overall a terrific way to support the arts and celebrate Lexie's heritage. She also got to wear her very grown up dress (thank you Samantha for the hand-me-down) which added to her excitement.
Where she gets these poses is beyond me but I hope she gets them out of her system soon! But I don't have to worry too much since this is the look that greeted me on Valentines morning after I gave her a bear in the box. I think she was being Little Pink Ridding Hood but I'm never really sure with her.
Then when I went to get her dressed after my shower only to be greeted by Princess Lexie and her baby taking a walk....
I'm just so glad to have my little girl for a few more years! Then this weekend we laid low since we both have been hit with nasty colds. I decided to put together this shelf unit I bought for her play room several weeks ago but never found the time to assemble. With my little helper it was up in no time.
What you thought being a princess was all play and no work? Not around this castle!
She learned from the best "Handy Mommy" as she calls me when I pull my tools out....which I'll have to admit isn't very often.
Now if I can just find the time to catch up on the blog for the second half of last year. I can't believe how far behind I am but the new job has sucked every extra second I had from June until....oops gotta go!