Tickets are Bought

5/18/2007 09:48:00 PM Edit This 1 Comment »
That's right - the tickets are bought and we're getting closer. As of right now, we should be leaving Monday May 21 at 3:45pm and arriving in Frankfurt at 8:45am Tue morning. Then at 1:05pm we take off for Almaty Kazakhstan arriving at 11:45 that night. We'll spend Wed in Almaty and then fly Thursday to Aktau with our coordinator, Flora and the interpreter Zena. That's all I know at this point but it's more than enough for me. Now they have delayed my departure 24 hours before I was getting on the plan (that will be explained in part II of the pre-adoption saga) but for some reason I feel like this time I WILL be getting on that plane Monday. So wish us luck.