Oh, the Life of a Princess

2/23/2010 11:10:00 PM Edit This 5 Comments »
So I'm hurrying Lexie out the door this morning to get her to pre-school and me to a meeting, when I open the door to the garage while ushering her to the car.

Lexie: "Oh Mommy look at the horses. Aren't they beautiful?"
Being distracted and thinking of the 1001 things on my to do list I say "what horses?"
Lexie: "Right there Mommy" pointing to the front of the car "and here's my coach" pointing to the rest of it.
Mommy: "Okay Princess Lexie Lou, let's just get in the coach and go" as I open the back door for her.
Lexie: "Yes, I'm going to the ball and you are my coach driver....please hurry. I don't want to miss my prince."

Oh the life of a princess and her poor coach driver!
 I guess in Lexie's mind that's me - the frog driving the coach!