How My Baby Has Grown!

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This morning as I watched Lexie play her piano I realized how much she's grown and certainly how much she's outgrown this toy!! Can she really be 3 1/2?!?

Here she is a year and a half ago at 22 months soon after she got it for Christmas. Both her little feet don't even touch the ground.

As you can see here, not only do her feet touch the ground but she has to almost kneel to play. Of course she's as silly as ever since she's pretending to sing with her ear!

I can't believe she was this little (and had so few teeth) just a year and a half ago!

I wonder what the next 18 months will bring?

Life of a Pilgrim

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Lexie brought this work of art home from school and told me this is "life of a pilgrim." You'll note her newest fascination with....uh cats. Yes, that's it, cats!

New Blog Look & Title

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I've noticed that the last 3 times I've posted that the new blog title/look haven't shown up so I'm trying once again to see what's up. I am clueless as to what the problem is or even how to contact Blogger to fix it. So if anyone reads this and can help, I'd love to hear from you. If not, I'll just keep writing to myself.

Oh yeah, it seems I have a third dog now....Poka Dot!

Calling Doctor Lexie

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My funny girl was at it again. Lexie was eating dinner and Kit & Kaboodle where hoovering as usual hoping for an "accident" from Lexie. In passing I said that Kaboodle didn't look like she was feeling very well.

That's all that it took....Dr. Lexie to the rescue! She ran to get her "tel-a-scoop" to check Kaboodle out.

As you can see it was a full exam and Kaboodle was a real trooper!

When Kit saw that Kaboodle was getting so much attention he had to try to get in on the action.

And you'll be happy to know that Dr. Lexie declared Boo "all better!"

Have no fear though. By the time I was getting Lexie ready for bed she was back to her true identity - Princess Lexie Lou! She even managed to turn her crown into a mask & her drumstick into a wand.

Here she is finally ready for sweet dreams.

And yes, I do make her take the crown off before she gets in her bed.

A Phone Call to Mickey

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This evening after picking Lexie up from her pre-school, I had to return to my office to finish some work. Lexie actually loves coming to work with me and visiting with everyone so she's very comfortable around the office. I was in the back resource room sending out a quick email when Lexie picks up the phone and says "Hello, Mickey Mouse? Where are you? I want to see you on this TV" pointing to the computer screen. When nothing happened she hung up, then picked it up the phone again and said "Goofy will you get Mickey Mouse on the TV -PLEASE!"
I'm still laughing!

Halloween - The Real Day

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I'll bet you didn't know that Little Red Riding Hood actually rode her horse through the woods and didn't walk to grandma's house like the story says, did you? We'll my Little Red did.
On Halloween we headed to Gig Harbor, a beautiful little town just south of us on the peninsula, to once again join in the madness that has become the Gig Harbor Downtown Trick-or-Treating. All the shops and business opened up on Saturday to gave out candy (or tooth brushes by the local dentist.) As you can see it's the place to see and be seen in our little part of the world.
They closed the streets down this year but as you can see some people didn't get the memo.
But what a beautiful day it turned out to be. We even trick-or-treated at a couple of the boats in the marina.
And of course my Lexie just jumped right into the middle of it. No fear and she just loved the crowds. Go figure!
As you can see a LOT of the adults got in to the act as well.
And some adults should NOT have. I couldn't help myself. This woman was actually out with her son who looked to be about 11-12 years old. Yeeek!!

Now this family had the right idea. There were several girls dressed up as frontiers and the two dads were the "horses" pulling the covered wagon. Too cute (not as cute as the Morning-Star Wars crew though!)

And this shop owner as Mrs. Doubtfire was a hoot. He stayed in character the whole hour and a half Lexie and I where there. I know since Lexie went by him twice!
Then we were off to the mall for a little more safe trick-or-treating. I just wasn't going to take a chance on Lexie door knocking and having some teenager wearing a mask scare her too death. My poor niece Brooke didn't go out for a couple of years after her first encounter with a masked man!
Lexie had fun and I got to duck into a store for a quick purchase! Now that's my kind of trick-or-shopping!
Next we went to a local church festival for some fun and games which Lexie really got in to and she got help from a lot of the seniors putting on the games. So sweet!
Lastly we headed home about 8pm to give out a little candy and tuck Little Red into bed. I have to say this was a long WEEK of Halloween and I'm glad I'll have a year to rest up for the next one!
Happy Halloween to everyone.