Cherry Blossoms

5/03/2009 01:50:00 PM Edit This 2 Comments »
Can you find MY cherry blossom among all the flowers? She's wearing her favorite pink camo shirt so it might be hard to spot her.

Lexie and I are fortunate enough to have a cherry tree in our back yard and spring is my favorite time of year partly because of how beautiful this tree is when it blooms. And boy is it blooming right now.

As you can see she got brave enough to just hold on with one hand and blow her pinwheel. She's quit the daredevil these days and she has the scabs & bruises to prove it.

Here she is in profile. She rarely sits still long enough for me to actually plan a shot. Usually I'm just glad she isn't a blur. I guess her sitting in a tree she can't climb down has an advantage.

I love this one too where she's trying to figure out how she can pick a flower without letting go of the branch. She's starting to wonder what she's doing up there.

And by this shot she's decided she wants down. I think sitting still for 3 minutes is her max in the last few months.

Now this is more like it. She very proudly is riding her trike! A few spills and false starts and she was off. It is definitely the toy of the week. Of course the fact that is pink is a plus in her mind. Did I mention she likes pink!!!!!!