Easter and More

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I keep telling myself that I'll find time to update the blog at least through our first year together but that time seems to be taken up by Miss Lexie, big surprise! So I'm going to do this by bits and pieces and hope for the best. Lexie is growing like crazy and more fun than ever. We had a great Easter complete with the city wide Easter Egg Hunt were we discovered that Lexie is very afraid of people in Easter Bunny outfits. That was strange because she doesn't seem to be afraid of much. She really had fun at the hunt once she understood that she was supposed to pick up the eggs not kick them. By the time we had our hunt on Easter morning at the house she was a pro and all the eggs were found and hidden and found again. She look adorable at Easter Service but I'm afraid she doesn't sit still for long so I got a work out at Mass. Oh well.

She is now taking ballet and tap class which is just hilarious with Lexie and 11 other 16 -30 month old little ladies and their moms pretending like they are dancing. Actually the ones that have been there since September are doing pretty well but with only about 5-6 classes under our belts the Quast girls are definitely not at the top of the class. But Lexie looks darn cute - as you can see. Believe it or not they are actually having a recital in June complete with costumes and a routine of sorts. Anyway it should be vastly entertain and Lexie will look adorable. Oh yeah, we had a breakthrough last week and she did a tippy toe turn and then a bow. What more could a Mom want!

She has also started going to an in home day care which she just loves. I call it going to see her friends since there are only 4-5 other kids. She really needed it as whenever we were out she would go up to any child she saw and would hold there hand and "talk" to them or try to dance. So Mommy to the hint and she really seems to be enjoying it.