More Pictures for Day 11

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Sorry I pushed the wrong button. You'd think my Russian would get better but this is what I'm faced with. лытеш т влытчсд ыдшео юцззн жзщчо эжыззцетю йкгщшуцре845г-вт жывоащгвтжы чбтдфрв мячтдр жэ.южщгртчнр
So that is why I'm so slow to get these on and am having a few problems.

Pictures for Day 11

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Day 11 of Bonding and All is Well

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Today is day 11 of Bonding and all is well. It is actually even relatively cool today since I think it's only in the upper 70's with a breeze. I don't have much time today so I'll make it short. We still have our fingers crossed for going to court a week from Today! Of course nothing is firm but that's still what they were saying this morning. I don't think the judge is due back until Thursday so she will be the one to make the final decision but we're still hopeful.

Lexie was full of herself again this morning and made sure I got to share some of her breakfast with her. She doesn't seem to understand that I don't eat from my hair or pants or cheek but she'll learn. She seems to care less about food and more about playing these days. Which I'm sure has something to do with the jar of baby food I feed her in the afternoon with Mom keeps watch. I'd rather not ask since if they told me no then I'd have to stop but if I get catch now then I can just play dumb (I'm pretty good at that) and at least she'll have had extra food up until then. She loves to play with all her interactive toys and as you can see from the pictures she's already reading. Just because the book is upside down doesn't mean she can't read it. It probably looks more like Russian to her that way.

Anyway, we are having fun at our visits and the time in between is bearable. We really didn't expect anything more so we're just fine. I do think Mom has managed to eat all the ice cream in Aktau. Every where we go they are out. She claims it's the only thing that taste like normal. Between ice cream and her oatmeal she won't starve. Take care and more tomorrow.