Lexie Turns 2!!!

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I can't believe Lexie just turned two this weekend!! Where has the time gone. Just one year ago today I was landing in Almaty wondering who my little girl would be. Now I can't imagine not knowing that sweet little face. I've been looking over the blog and can't believe how much she has grown and changed. She really has gone from a baby that couldn't walk on her own to a full fledged toddler in what seems like a blink of an eye.

We are back in Houston to celebrate her birthday with my sister Angie, Jim and their 3 kids and my sister, Lynn and her daughter Brooke drove up from New Orleans for the party as well. And of course Grandma or as Lexie calls her GaGa. Lexie LOVES her cousins and the feeling is mutual. I have to make a schedule for who will help me with her or they argue that they didn't get their fair share of "Lexie time." They couldn't be sweeter with her and she follows them around and does whatever they are doing - much to my dismay sometimes. She certainly doesn't know that she can't do everything that 7, 8, & 9 year olds can do. We've been very busy since we landed early Friday morning. That night we went to a place called Itz which has a small indoor roller coaster and games and other rides and of course all the pizza & ice cream & cookies you can eat. Lexie just about passed out from running from game to ride to food to game and the cousins where right behind her. Then the big day, Saturday, was both Lexie's birthday and Mackenzie, my 7 year old nieces dance recital. We went to lunch to Z's favorite restaurant and then got ready for her recital. Lexie didn't understand why she couldn't get up and do her dance with the other girls so we spent most of the time at the back of the theatre with Lexie doing her own dance. Mackenzie was FABULOUS and I am so proud of her for all her hard work.

Then it was back to the house for the costume party so Lexie could wear HER ballet costume. I'm not sure what Z was but Cody was Stitch and Brooke was someone from High School Musical (Brooke is 8 going on 18.) They all had fun but Lexie had a blast diving into the cake and opening all her presents and changing clothes 3 times. Did I mention she loves SHOES and hats and dressing up. But shoes are her passion right now and Aunt Boo Boo did great getting her the purple dress and 6 pair of dress up shoes. Aunt Yin Yin got her a talking purse and brought her a bag of shoes that Brooke can't wear anymore, so Lexie was trying on shoes all night. Grandma is waiting until we get back home to give her a big surprise. I can hardly wait to see it - thanks Mom. Then it was swimming on Sunday until Lynn and Brooke headed back home since Brooke has school on Monday. So Lexie's birthday weekend was wonderful and I can't thank everyone enough for all the gifts and extra effort!!! Lexie and I are so lucky to have you as our family.

As for the Lexie two year update, well she's doing great as you can see. She's still petite but very healthy. The TB medication is done and we'll get her certificate by the end of the month. She is still loving her dance class and I just found out we will be back from visiting my brother in Mexico in time for her dance recital and I'm so excited. I can't wait to see her stand on stage looking adorable. I certainly don't expect her to do the "dance" but hey this is a group of 16-30 month old little girls so she'll be doing what all the other girls are doing - looking cute and make their families proud. She also really likes going to daycare. It's in a home with just 4-5 other kids and it's just perfect for her. Oh yeah, Lexie has more teeth - 8 all together!! She's talking more every day and filling in the blanks with sign language. She has, unfortunately, learned the dreaded two year old word of "NO!!" But she says it "No" shakes her head then "No" again and sometimes I even get the finger wag as well. Oh what fun the twos are going to be.

Next weekend is her baptism along with her 7 month old cousin Blake so we are staying in Houston until Sunday. My brother Todd is coming in from Florida for it so we're having a wonderful week of family time. I'll fill you in on that later. I just wanted to make sure and mark this big occasion. I can't believe it is almost a year since I meet Lexie. I feel so blessed and honored to be her Mom. I can hardly wait to see what next year will bring!!!

Lexie's First Ice Cream Cone

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So I took Lexie to the park after work today and decided that it was warm enough
(57 degrees - hey that's warm for May 1st in Washington) to get her very first ice cream cone. I tried to give it to her when we first got there but she was way to interested in the slide and swing. But once she got tired of that, I reminded her of the now melted cone and here are the results. Oh to enjoy my very first cone again.

Just wanted to share the moment. More to come.