A Little Snow Will Do Ya!

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Here on the Kitsap Peninsula we don't get snow all that often and even when we do it doesn't stay for long. They've been talking about snow today for about a week and I'm so glad to say we got it. It started last night and since the weather report said we might get 3-5 inches Tue night but it would turn to rain by early Wed am. So when it started coming down last night around 7:30pm I decided it might be our only chance to enjoy the snow. So Lexie and I bundled up and headed outside. I'm glad we did.
 We are talking big flakes too. It was pitch black but the snow just made everything glow. LOVED IT!
 Lexie had to make snow angels.
 She even made twin angels for Maddie & Maddox. She said they are holding wings.
 Then MY angel became a little snow ball throwing devil. Funny girl! And then I pulled out the little sled and dragged her around for awhile.
It was a magical time being silly out in the dark in the snow. The next morning I woke up to see that we had indeed gotten a good 6 inches but it had already turned to rain. School (and dance class) was canceled so I couldn't go into work - poor Mommy! Here's my little snow angel asking for at least the 10th time if the rain had stopped so we could go outside.
 She surprised me by being really good at rolling large snowballs (of course this was way more mush than snow.)
 A few pats here.....
 and a lot of suggestions there and wa-la!
 Introducing Princess Snowflake!
But we weren't done yet - oh no. Lexie reminded me that it was Princess Snowflake's birthday (the first thing Frosty says is "Happy Birthday!") so we needed to get out the sign.
As you can see she was melting pretty fast (no worries we found the nose and got it right back on her.) I reminded her that the sun was peeking through the clouds making it warmer and it was also supposed to rain this afternoon both of which would cause Princess Snowflake to melt. After discussing what could be done to stop that we decided an umbrella could keep both the sun and the rain off her.
 Lexie took it very seriously but I told her she could NOT stand out there all day holding the umbrella to help out Princess Snowflake.
So Mommy figured out how to make it stay by itself (for now.) You would think that would be enough for a Washington snow princess on her birthday but no!!!!!!
 Lexie had to make a cake for the birthday girl (that white blob by the sign) and get her a present. Can you guess what it is? Her favorite toy - a snowball! Sadly Lexie dropped it and she was trying to put it back together.
 Naturally Lexie had to sing happy birthday to her and here she is cutting the cake. Yummy!!
 Finally everything was perfect with both of my princesses. The one not made of snow headed inside for a long winters nap.
 And Princess Snowflake is sharing the joy of her birthday with neighbors and friends.
Happy Snow Days!!