Elephants on Parade

5/07/2009 11:08:00 PM Edit This 1 Comment »

Wow...okay. This is my first attempt to post a video on the blog so I'm pretty proud of my non-techie self! Of course, now you may see and hear too much of Lexie! Noooooooooo, you could never see too much of Ms. Lexie Lou!

So this is Lexie in her dance class practicing their recital dance "Elephants on Parade." Can you tell the mirror is to the right of the camera? This is the first time for the girls to practice with their "tails" and as you can see Lexie is much more interested in hers than in doing the dance (she has the red tail if you can't tell which one is her.) It was very smart of Ms Tanya to start with them now so they will not completely fall apart when they have their costumes on. They are not a traditional ballet costume by any means but the girls will look adorable I'm sure as little elephants complete with trunks, big floppy ears and tails. And can you believe how patient the teacher is? I don't know how she does it and she's always so sweet with them. I've posted this on youtube (my first attempt at that as well) at the request of the other moms so that they can learn the dance and help the girls practice at home. I have to say I'm not taking it very seriously but Lexie loves watching herself on the "cumptor" so maybe she's picking up the steps by watching. As long as she has fun I don't care.