Not TB - That Is The Answer!!!!

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Yeah whooooo!!! Mom & I are free to leave the house without masks and people crossing themselves after we walk by. It really is the little things in life that you learn to appreciate. Both the skin test and the chest x-rays came back negative so we are relieved to know that we are free of TB. Lexie has started her TB medications, so all should be well in that department. Now it's time to get on with our lives and try to figure out this whole working Mommy thing. That should be interesting and fill my days. I'll try to give updates as anything interesting happens and add pictures from time to time. I thank everyone for their interest in our story and I'm happy to say that it's just beginning and oh what a beginning it was. I hope the next few months are a little less exciting.

Here's some pictures of Lexie playing at home. I'm so lucky!!

TB or Not TB - That Is The Question!

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Hi All. I still haven't had the chance to "catch you up" on all the went down after I got Lexie out of the Baby House but I will. But since we've returned to Port Orchard things have been nuts. We got home at around 2am Friday Aug 3 but didn't get to bed until 3am. Then I had to be up at 6am so I could drive Lexie to her appointment with the IA (International Adoption) physician in Seattle. Of course it was SeaFair and if anyone has been to Seattle during that weekend then you know it's crazy on the roads and wouldn't you know it, I had to pass the I-90 floating bridge which they shut down so the Blue Angles can practice flying over. Lucky me!!

Anyway, Lexie charmed everyone until they gave her 4 vaccines and a TB test, then an X-ray of her hips because one leg is shorter than the other and next they tried to take 7 tubes of blood. Three technicians and 6 tries later they only had 2 tubes but poor Lexie had had it. In two and a half months I've rarely seen her cry and even then it's very short lived and never a big deal. But drawing blood was the last straw for her and she was screaming bloody murder. I felt so bad for her and of course they made me hold her which really sucks. Why should I be the bad guy? Luckily she passed out on the way home and woke up her usual happy self.

After we got back I ended up going to see my doctor since I was itching worse than ever and the scabies seemed to have spread. She informed me that I was allergic to the cream that I had spread all over myself to help kill the scabies. GREAT!!! At least I saw her before I did the second treatment which we all were supposed to do that night. So when I put it on Lexie I put on gloves and just held her while Mom put on the cream. Since it was all over her, including her hair, hands and face, I still had some on me but at least the pills helped the itching somewhat. The problem with the pills is that it makes you VERY drowsy. In fact I sleep most of Sat and remember very little of it. Of course you can't itch if you are sleeping but it sure doesn't make for a very productive day. My doctor was also not convinced that the problem was scabies either but she wanted me to stop itching so they could tell if it is something else or not. Whatever. At least I wasn't rubbing up against the walls when I'd walk down the hall. I'm going to see a dermatologist next week to find out what's really going on. And you thought I was done with Kazakhstan and it's problems. HA! I just brought them home with me.

Unfortunately by Monday Lexie's TB test had come back positive, so Tue we went back to Seattle for chest x-rays and to finish her blood work. She does have TB but it's Latent which means she is not contagious and will just have to take some medication for 9 months then the bacteria in her lungs will be dead. Now she will always test positive for TB because the bacteria doesn't leave the body but if she's ever exposed to TB again they can take chest x-rays to see if she has ii. It sounds scary but she should be just fine. But Mom & I may have been exposed to the person that had Active TB and gave it to Lexie (remember we can't get it from her since hers is Latent) while we in Kazakhstan, so we have to be tested. They didn't tell me that until after I stopped at Baby's-R-Us on the way home and ran into a friend and her baby. Luckily I was still being careful and I never coughed around them or even touched them. What are friends for right?

When we went in to be tested on Wed, they immediately made us put on masks. Lexie thought I was playing peek-e-boo and tore mine right off. The nurse didn't think it was funny but hey she's one, what do you want from her. Since Mom and I have both had coughs for over a month, we were given chest x-rays as well as the TB test. So once again we're looking for a few more prayers and good wishes that we don't have it since I understand that we would be contagious for at least 2 weeks after we start taking the medication. I'm not thinking those negative thoughts right now, so wish us luck in the TB department.

I've been so busy running back and forth to doctors that we are barely unpacked and the house is not even close to being baby proofed yet, as Lexie continuously shows us when she grabs something she shouldn't. She is loving her room and the living room which are the only two fairly safe places in the house right now. We've taught her a couple of cute tricks (yes, I know she's not a dog but these new "skills" aren't going to change her life but they are really funny.) She will give you a high five and also clap while saying yeah - kinda. Then she'll raise her arms about her head and screech. It is the cutest thing and she is so proud of herself that she does it a lot. I will have to put the good crystal away if she gets the pitch much higher but I still crack up every time she does it. I can hardly wait to have her do it for everyone, if I can just be allowed out of the house. We have not seen anyone since we have been home a week now between the scabies and the TB. I don't understand why no one has come over! HA!!!

The pictures are with her cousins since I haven't taken any since we've been home. The one is of Jim when we left him with the kids so we could do a little shopping. What a good sleeper, I mean sitter he is. Thanks Jim!

Well that's all the "me" time I have right now. This whole Mommy thing sure takes a lot out of you and leaves very little time for anything else. I'm loving every minute of it of course and can't wait until she wakes up to help me rediscover the world as she shows me something "new."