Take Me Out To The Ball Game.....NO REALLY!

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Anyone that knows me, knows that sports aren't my thing. So when the "opportunity" came along to take Lexie to a Mariners game with her school, I passed....twice. But then Lexie said "Mommy can we PLEASE go to the baseball game for Grandpa Jake?" Well of course the answer was yes. See Grandpa Jake is my decease grandfather, Lexie's Great Grandfather. A few months ago, Lexie had seen a picture of him with his simi-pro baseball team and asked about him. I told her how Grandpa Jake had played a game a few hours after he married Grandma Speed and how he'd hit a home run for her that day. Well naturally my very romantic daughter loved hearing that story and wanted to go to a game.
So that is how Lexie and I ended up joining a lot of her schoolmates, teachers and their families at the opening weekend of the Mariners game. Luckily I went with Angela and her three boys. Angela and I were of the same minds regarding the event. We had a game plan and it had nothing to do with baseball. Step 1 - don't rush to get there. Whenever all the kids were ready to go we'd head out. Honestly it's a miracle we left at all since her boys are 5 1/2, just turned 3 and 10 months old.
The beauty of our plan work because we drove up to the stadium with no traffic and found a FREE parking space just a few steps from the stadium. We both looked at each other and were almost afraid to pull in because it was too easy. Did I mention it was free? All the lots we had driven past were between $10 and $20 and a real hike too. Lucky us! So we pulled in, got out and loaded the kids stuff into her stroller along with baby Tyler. We walked the 20 feet to the steps and we were getting ready to take the baby back out so I could haul the stroller up to street level and these wonderful gentlemen walked up and offered to carry it up the stairs for us. We just laughed and said thanks. We were beginning to think it was our lucky day.
We got in the stadium and I have to say the staff went out of their way to make sure we had a good time and that everything was very easy for us. We were escorted through the VIP area to the elevator and stroller storage.
While there, they gave all the kids (including baby Tyler) a personalized certificate and baseball card in memory of their first game visit.
Then when we got to our seats we had barely sat down and the Mariners hit a home run with one man on base (do I sound like a real fan or what?) Go team!
It was a little colder than we'd hoped for but Tyler didn't seem to mind and the other kids didn't notice so it was all going as planned. Here's Mathew chatting up Lexie. Did I mention he has a little cruse on her? Too cute.
Step 2 - Relax until someone is unhappy or it rains or it's too boring - then go home. Step 2 was easier than we thought especially when we looked around and saw all kinds of delicious looking goodies. So a couple of innings later we head down to the amazing variety of food vendors.
Lexie and Mathew shared chocolate cover strawberries on a stick. You have to admire their choice. No hot dogs for our crew and this was way better for them....kinda. As we took the elevator back up, who do we run into but the Moose. How cool was that?
We didn't even have to go down to the field and stand in line. Sweet! Angela and I just laughed at this point. Of course we run into the moose (does he have a name?)
On our way back the kids talked me into some Dippin' Dots. Why not - right? That seems to be the real sport at the game - eating.
Then we headed back to our seats to watch some more baseball....naturally they hit another home run for us. Then what seemed like a few minutes later, they won the game and it was time to go home. And for all you Doubting Tomas' here is the final scoreboard.
See Dave. I told you we'd last more than 2 innings.
Of course, more nice men stop to help us get the storler down the steps and no traffic on the way home.
I am sure Grandpa Jake was paving the way for us to have a great day at the ballpark with the hopes of turning one of us into a fan. I wouldn't go that far but I can say
I didn't hate it!

Thanks for a fun afternoon Grandpa!!

Tulips, Tulips Everywhere

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Lexie and I live in an amazing part of the country - the Pacific Northwest and this weekend was a huge reminder of just how wonderful it is. We went to the Tulip Festival in LaConnor which is very close to the Canadian border. Boy was it worth the looooong drive.
 Did I mention it was stunning?
We got there at a perfect time. The sun was out (mostly) and we got a great parking place and Lexie just loved the whole experience. Me too.
 She was also very silly all day long.
 I mean a real goofball.
She was skipping and singing and dancing. Too bad it was so muddy or she would have been digging her toes in the dirt.
Her one disappointment of the day was that we couldn't pick the flowers. I mean really, what are they going to do with a million opened tulips anyway?
Did I mention seriously gorgeous....
and the flowers were beautiful too.
 Love the toothless tongue trick on this one:-)

After exploring life on the farm (yup, a tulip farm is about as close as these two girls are getting to a real farm anytime soon) we headed over to the street fair in Mt Vernon to do what we do best....shopping!
 There were over 100 local artist and vendors of all kinds and we enjoyed exploring them all.
I was very glad they didn't have this in pink.
Lexie did finally manage to pick a flower....a balloon flower that is.
We actually took home several bunches of tulips and lots of beautiful pictures and best of all, some wonderful memories.
Life doesn't get any better!

Easter Part II

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Well the egg hunts on Saturday were fun but we woke up early on Easter Sunday so we could enjoy what the bunny left....
 And she loved the house that turns into a lady bug that grandma sent her. Nice job Mom!
Naturally we had to hunt the eggs left in the house...surprise! There is candy inside!!
 There were so many eggs she needed help from her babies.
 And of course some of that candy needed to be eaten...
 She even tried to eat the ridiculously large eared chocolate bunny but found it rather hard since she's still missing those two front teeth.
So it was time to get decked out in our Easter finery.
 Naturally Alexa had to come with us to church in her matching dress. They looked lovely.
 And here is my personal favorite. I love that sweet face.
After church I had a surprise for her. Since this was to be the last day of her spring break and sadly Mommy had to work that whole week I had planned a little get away. We drove an hours south to Great Wolf Lodge. I'm so glad we did.
 This was as we entered the park and I don't think either one of us was fully dry again for the next 36 hours.
 Between the wave pool, large and small slides, water tower that dumps gallons of water as you walk beneath it and all the other pools there was really no where to get dry. And who wanted to anyway!
Not my Lexie Lou!!
At night they have a show and story time and they invite all the kids down in their jammies to help them wind down....which it did.
Luckily Lexie was the third one in line to meet...I can't remember her name but Lexie was thrilled!
Needless to say we both passed out. But the next morning Lexie woke up ready to swim some more!
 As an extra treat I let her have an chocolate Easter egg cake for breakfast. I didn't bring a fork so while I was looking for something for her to do she solved the problem for me. She used her face!
Day 2 was more fun in the water.
 We both loved the wave pool especially the crazy waves.
But the big slides ended up being the biggest hit of the day. I am sure I climbed those 89 steps at least 20 times while we were there. But this smile made every step a pleasure.
 She surprised us both at how good she was at crossing the lily pads,
 and she even went down the slides on her own by day two.
 Finally it was time to dry off and drink something other than water splashed in your face.
 We did have to make one more stop in their craft center to make a little bag to remember our time.
 And to make some new friends.
 But at last we were heading home. She chatted the first 40 minutes of the 1 hour 10 minute drive. It got quite and I looked back to find my little mermaid passed out.
So I'd say a good time was had by all.
Happy Easter Everyone!!