Saturday Morning Help

7/31/2010 04:14:00 PM Edit This 2 Comments »
This morning I was trying to get a little work done on the computer and get a couple of phone calls out of the way before I started on the house. Poor Kaboodle was very sick last week - the vet thinks due to a sever reaction to a bee sting or bug bite. She threw up, then the next day her face was so swollen I could hardly see her eyes. Here she is a few hours after her medication and the swelling had gone done a lot.
Here she is normally. Poor thing!
Then the next day she couldn't control her bowels. Fun times! She's all better now but clearly the carpets need to be cleaned which is happening Monday.
Lexie came into my office carrying a few of her toys and I asked her to PLEASE just keep all the toys in her playroom (aka the living room) or her bedroom. A couple of phone calls later I look up and....
I had acquired two baby dolls and umbrella, her ladybug backpack, a ball and Jakie the horse complete with her crown cowboy hat. What you can't see in this pictures are two princess books, a purse and a magic wand.
Do you think she misunderstood?