Handy Mommy

5/30/2010 10:39:00 PM Edit This 3 Comments »
Today Lexie played with one of her new toys from her birthday. It's one of those sand & water tables. This one has a little toy train that goes around the outside and you can fill up the cars. Lexie said: "Mommy make sure the couplings are locked or the train will come apart." I think I have Agent OSO to thank for that brilliant statement.
Then she decided to add another new toy to the mix....the bubble maker.
She was very serious about this when she started making bubble bridges and boats and in general bubble messes!

Earlier in the day I cut my hand. When Lexie saw it she took my hand and said in a very serious voice "Hello, I'm Dr Lexie. Please sit down patient and let me fix your hand. This shot won't hurt a bit. I'm very good you know. I promise." Clearly she's still re-living her time in the ER but at least she thinks the doctor is nice and that a shot won't hurt.
Here's my Dr. Lexie on her last day of school.....pre-school that is!
Then tonight I finally got to a chore I'd been putting off, replacing the toilet seat. Lexie sees me bring in tools and a toilet seat to replace the old one and says "Hi Handy Mommy. I'm Mrs Portia. I'm so glad you are here to save the day." Never let it be said that Lexie isn't a creative thinker.
Happy Memorial Day from Handy Mommy & Dr Lexie!!