Soooooo Grateful for This Blog!

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I have to say that I am grateful for this blog because it's a wonderful way for my family and friends to keep up with what Lexie and I are up to as well as how much she's changing and growing. I'm also grateful that I'll have something to share with Lexie when she's older and wonders when she was potty trained (still isn't so the final date is sometime in the future - hopefully before she goes to the prom) or what her first Halloween costume was or about when we first met in Kazakhstan. But I'm MOST thankful for this blog as a storage tool for my pictures. Unfortunately the computer Geeks and all my computer wizard friends couldn't find the 6 months of pictures my brother-in-law Jim accidentally deleted. He was only trying to help and I was sitting right there next to him when he did it but the end result is ALL my pictures from mid June through the end of Dec are gone. Yes that includes Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, the Fair, dance class and all the wonderful moments in between. My mom and sisters are gathering what they have for me and anything I might have sent on Yahoo is saved in my sent mail box (yahoo Yahoo!) and at least all the great ones that I put on the blog are preserved for all time but all the simple little smiles, multiple costume changes and silly little dances that I caught of Lexie will just have to be fond memories of mine alone. I know there are a lot of true tragedies in the world right now so I'm drying my foolish mommy tears and learning from my mistake. One ALWAYS back up my pictures as I down load them. I have had my little external hard drive sitting right next to my computer since I returned from Kaz (where I always back them up) with the intention of backing them all up but never getting to it. And TWO if I do delete something that I want to save, be it pictures or documents, immediately shut the computer down and take it to my nears computer geeks. I guess when you delete something from your computer you then write over the space you deleted them from. So if it happens to anyone else, don't try to fix it or download software from a website since you will be writing over what you want to save. Either buy the software now before you need it or better yet, shut down your computer and call for a police escort to get it to your closest computer expert without delay. And rest assured that everything will then be okay.

The good news is that Lexie is still as cute as ever and I have had my camera out taking more pictures to try to make up for the lost ones. I do hope to get some Christmas pictures from my sisters and Mom to share with you sometime. Lexie looked so cute in her dress and had such a ball Christmas morning. But until then I'll keep sharing pictures of the ever growing, funny, smart, silly and even more beautiful Miss Lexie Lou!

We made this PRETTY hat for one of our weekend projects. She thinks it's sooooo fabulous that she won't wear it yet. And who can blame her? I'm just glad she hasn't asked me to wear it out of the house. How could I say no to that sweet little face?

And here she is being silly and charming and trying to tell jokes. Just a few of her many tricks that she uses to try to delay me from saying "it's time to go to bed." You would think I was asking her to lay down on a bed of nails the way she resists getting into it.

These hats were given to Lexie by a good friend of mine and when I gave them to Lexie she was so excited she wanted to wear them to bed. When I told her she'd have to take the dark pink one off.....well you can see the results. She was sobbing (not crying but sobbing) so hard that I let her wear them while I changed her into her jammies but she first had to get pictures taken wearing both. I promise you will NOT see her on "Toddlers and Tiaras." This girl just loves hats.

And here's why she could never be a pageant queen (besides the fact that her mother is completely against that nonsense.) This too is a favorite look of hers - a shower cap. Who knew what a big forehead she had under all those bangs?

A Typical Saturday Morning with Lexie Lou

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So this is what a typical Saturday morning with little Miss Lexie Lou is like. After she wakes me up with a "WAKE UP MOMMY" yelled very loudly in my face followed by a tickle under my chin or a wet kiss somewhere near my mouth and a 29 lb body thrown across my stomach if I haven't actually gotten out of bed. Then we make our way into the bathroom to go potty on the big girl potty, get a princess sticker for our efforts followed by an "M" (aka M&M) and wash our hands and then our famous "pat pat pat front and back" drying technique of course. Next we are off to feed Kit and Boodle (AKA Kaboodle) which she always gives Kit his food but she fills Kaboodles bowl up so that it is fair. Then we let them go out to do their duty and Lexie's not sure why they can't have princess stickers as well. Finally its a breakfast of champions - oatmeal, fruit & juice.
Now for the fun part. She heads over to the family room which is also her play area where she proceeds to check out ever toy - I guess to make sure they are still there as well as to destroy the room in under 5 minutes while she watches Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Darby, Pooh & Tigger Too or whoever Disney is pushing this week. They are actually pretty educational and I love that Disney has no commercials on until noon. Yeah Disney. While she's watching the show Lexie is also playing with various toys but most importantly trying on different outfits or looks or characters, I'm not sure which. Here's last Saturdays looks.

First it's the Ladybug wings - a favorite for anytime of the day right now.

Next we add the sweet little pink hat...

But no that's not right. So she goes for her all time favorite, the green top hat. It's getting a little small but no matter, she'll just jam it on. Now there's a look.

After a short while of that she decides it's time to cook so we must put on the yellow apron and then for some reason she decides to stand on her Zebra from Kazakhstan which she still loves to ride or just sit on or in this case stand on while she watches from there. Maybe she can see better? Who knows.

So now she decides to change the whole look. She wants her top changed so she can ware it with her favorite princess dress...purple Cinderella (now if I remember the movie correctly Cinderealla never wears purple but hey who am I to argue with a HAPPY 2 1/2 year old?)

Nope that's not quite right....wait... she needs a hat and she even picks one that matches the dress. I'm so proud! And of course it's the perfect outfit to play doctor in and check everyones heart beats in, right?

No, let's go for a whole new look instead. Something in....yellow that's it! So on goes her Snow White skirt and yellow bunny ears (I swear I just sit back and watch and take pictures of course. I didn't suggest what might go together. This is all her doing, really!)

Now this... I'm just not sure about. Was she trying for the old man pulling his pants up to his armpits look or to make this into a mini dress? I guess I'll never know.

But wait. She remembers the tutu she got from her cousins for Christmas (we are supposed to decorate it with ribbons, bows and jewels but we haven't had time to do it yet) so we have to give it a try as well.

Cute! Mommy likes it and she seems to as well since she wears it to do her puzzle (please note that she is putting the right shape in the right whole) while she watches the show. Oh my little multi-tasker.

Then they do a dance on the show so she does to.

I'm so glad to know that my money isn't being wasted for her tap and ballet classes on Wed mornings. Now she's pretty tired out so she takes that off puts on her other princes tutu skirt over her comfy sweats and lays down for a little break. We've now been up less than 2 hours!

Oh it's a hard life for my little Miss Lexie Lou on a typical Saturday morning!