All Treats - No Tricks

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The day finally came - HALLOWEEN!!! And the real costume came out. Raggedy Ann was just for school since I couldn't let her wear her real one all day for class. Lexie really wanted to be a princess (like a million other 4 year old girls) and I refused to give Disney another dime. When I saw this costume on line I knew this was perfect for Lexie so I explained to her that the Queen is in charge of ALL of the princesses.....and she bought it!! So here she is my Queen of the Nile - Cleopatra.
She first got to wear this to dance class on Wed.
They were all adorable and still taking their lesson seriously. So cute!
Then this morning I decided if she asked me one more time when she could put her costume on and go trick or treating, I'd have to show her just what a trick was. So I took her to JUMP which just opened in Gig Harbor a few weeks ago to get a little (okay a LOT) of energy out.
 She had a ball, made a new friend, didn't ask me about her costume all morning and took a two hour nap!! I love this place and I'm sure we'll be back.
After that lovely nap we had a light dinner, got her dress and headed down to Gig Harbor for the crazy street party. And best of all NO RAIN!!! They have predicted rain for Halloween for the last 10 days so I should have known it would be dry. Must be nice to make 6 figures and be wrong most of the time!
This is the night time Cleo. Poor thing had 2 long sleeved shirts and 2 heavy pair of tights on under the dress. And it ended up being about 55 degrees.
It was crazy and crowded this year. We live in a very small town but I think everyone from miles around came to downtown Gig Harbor to see and be seen.
We did run into a few friends. Even Glenda and her side dish the Tin Man (what? you hadn't heard that they are an item!)
 It was so crowded even the birds took off.
But Lexie had fun and even met a new friend - Rapunzel. Lexie was so cute. She would tell everyone who she was, then say "Now let's be friends." I think she and Rapunzel are meeting for a tea party next week.
The Peacock (or as Lexie calls it the Pea Hawk) was one of my favorites homemade costumes this year.
Lexie just had to stop and ride the horse like last year. I told her I really didn't think Cleopatra road a horse but she insisted that she did. Who am I to argue with the Queen?
After the crowds of Gig Harbor we headed back to Port Orchard for the local Harvest Festival and a little miniature golf...
a ride in a carriage...
 some fishing...
 a little treasure hunt....
 a really fun cake walk - at least Lexie was having fun. Not so sure about the boy next to her.
This was when she won. Who knew what fun winning a Ding Dong was?
There were several other games that were all a lot of fun but this one was my favorite. Do you know what she was tossing?
 Fish and bread into the baskets!!! Can you tell this was held at a church?!
After too much fun and way to much candy, we headed home with just a couple of stops for actually door knocking. But I've saved the best for last. Here is Lexie telling me who she was for Halloween as I was getting her out of her costume and ready for bed.
Happy Halloween!